Report Writing on a Road Accident You Have Witnessed [With PDF]

Today in this article, I'll show you four examples of report writing on a road accident.

Report Writing on a Road Accident

Example 1

Drastic Fatal Accident in Kolkata

By Suprity Acharyya

Kolkata, October 1: Two vehicles ― a matador van carrying some school students and a minibus― rammed into each other early this morning around ten O'clock, killed two students from 6th and 9th grade. All the left injured students are taken to the AMRI hospital immediately.

The driver of the matador is severely injured with two broken ribs. The collision happened due to the excessive speed of the minibus. Around 4 in the morning the hospital authority published a report that most of the injured patients are in ventilation and luckily three people are in better shape than them. Many of them are having multiple head injuries.

It is reported that both the vehicles were being driven at a very high speed this morning. While negotiating a turn on the road, the minibus crashed into the belly of the van which turned on its side. The minibus driver fled and is reported to be absconding.

The driver of the van had a minor head injury as well. The police came and investigated the place and seized both the vehicles and now looking for the driver of the minibus. The parents of the students are very much troubled by the trauma of this accident.

Example 2

Massive Road Accident at Ranaghat Highway

By Saswata Baksi

Ranaghat, 18th September: A catastrophic road accident occurred at Ranaghat in the middle of the night of 18th September. A truck banned a car in the middle road of Ranaghat highway.

The accident almost destroyed the car and the owner as well as her wife were spotted dead.  The truck driver was missing from the spot. Two children seated on the back seat of the car were luckily rescued by the local people of the area.

They were taken to the Ranaghat public hospital right away. As per a report published by the hospital authority, they are currently in ICU under the special observation of a medical team.

According to a witness of this accident both the truck and the car were being driven at a higher speed than recommended. The local police are suspecting the truck driver to be intoxicated while driving. Some bottles of alcohol have also been discovered from the truck. Police have seized both the vehicles for investigation.

They are looking for the driver and the owner of the truck as well. The estimated value of the total loss is likely to run to several lakhs of rupees. Forensic experts are further investigating the whole situation.

Example 3

15 Killed and 7 Injured in Drastic Bus Accident

By Suprity Acharyya

Sealdah, 21st November: A horrendous bus accident took place in the early hours of 20th November, when a car and a public bus ran into each other in a head-on collision near sealdah.

It appears like a major brake failure of the bus led to this massive bump. The dense foggy atmosphere of the morning added to the problem of rendering the signal lights almost obscure. The engine of the bus is totally damaged.

Fortunately, the car was saved and the driver was not much wounded due to the timely opening of safety pillows. The bus first hit the car than a big tree nearby. Rescue team approached within an hour and took all the injured people to a nearby hospital for an immediate check-up.

Unconfirmed report says at least 15 people lost their lives and 7 were severely injured. A roadside tea shop has also been affected by this accident and the owner has suffered from a minor injury. The rescue work had been undertaken by the Kolkata fire brigade and the local people as well. The local police station is investigating to prepare a proper report. 

A detailed high-level enquiry has also been demanded by the families of injured people. Police are trying to help as much as they can.

Example 4

Head-on Collision with a Motorbike

By Suprity Acharyya

Kolkata, 15th August: A serious motorbike accident has taken place near college street Kolkata. Due to a heavy jam and poor management of traffic, a taxi suddenly came in the middle of the way of a  motorbike.

The bike with two riders and a little baby lost its control and directly hit the taxi that caused a fatal accident. The baby and her mother and father are seriously injured.

Immediately some traffic police came and rescued them to the nearby hospital. The baby is admitted in ICU in a critical condition and her parents are kept under observance of the hospital authority. The taxi driver ran away from the spot.

Neighbouring people rushed to the place and crushed the taxi in rage. The traffic police have seized the taxi and are looking for the driver. An unconfirmed report says that both the parents are suffering from several broken ribs and head injuries while the baby is in a more critical condition.

The family has lodged a complaint against the taxi driver. An enquiry commission on traffic management has also been set up by the government. Police are further investigating the whole incident.

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