Write a Report on Rabindra Jayanti Celebration in Your School [2023]


This is an example report writing on Rabindra Jayanti Celebration in your school.

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

Example 1


By: Suprity Acahryya

9 May 2023, Kendriya Vidyalaya: Kendriya Vidyalaya celebrates Rabindra Jayanti every year without fail. This year on Tagore’s 158th birth anniversary our school held a celebration in the Central Auditorium. Our chief guest this year was the Governor of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Ram Naik. The celebration lasted for 3 hours. Students from all classes were asked to report at 10 AM. It started at 10.30 AM.


It began with a classical dance performance by the girls from classes 8th to 12th  followed by a musical performance by the boys of classes 11th and 12th. They sang melodious songs and some students from the school also recited poems and recitals that Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote.

There was also a drawing competition in which students were asked to make a sketch of him on the stop. They were given an hour to complete the task. The school photographer captured all these wonderful moments which were later made available to the students.

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Parents and grandparents were also invited to join us and bless us with their presence. An interactive quiz session about the history and Rabindra Nath Tagore was also held by the teaching staff. Students were awarded attractive prizes and certificates.

Then there was a March past of the council members from all the four houses. All the participants of the March past were very particular and precise about their movements, like the house which showed the best coordination and precision would have gotten a trophy. Red house bagged the trophy for the third time in a row.

The principal then presented the chief guest a bouquet of appreciation thanked him for his presence and all the staff and students for their cooperation which made this event a success. Mr. Ram Naik then blessed us with his words of appreciation and the function got over at 1 PM after the National Anthem.

Example 2


By: Suprity Acahryya

7 MAY, 2023, Don Bosco Convent, Kolkata: By keeping in mind and following all the restrictions imposed by the Government of India to protect the country and its citizens from the epidemic Don Bosco Convent, Kolkata decided to conduct the yearly celebration of the Rabindra Jayanti online.

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With the blessings of technology, the online meet was scheduled on ‘Zoom’. The meeting was supposed to begin at 11 AM and all students and faculty members were requested to join the meeting with the help of the link shared with them.

Whatsapp groups of all classes were made separately and the teachers had to make sure all the students received the link. All the students 2 days prior to the event were given topics related to Rabindra Nath Tagore and were asked to conduct a research about the respective topics.

They were then on May 8, 2020 asked to insure themselves one by one and share their experiences and thoughts on the given topics. Fun activities such as a 30-minute drawing competition were held on a video call in which students of all ages participated.

Some students from each class were asked to prepare a short speech about Rabindra Nath Tagore and some recited their favourite poems and recitals by Tagore. Our senior-most history teacher Mrs Sonia Kapoor presented us with a beautiful and detailed view of the life of Rabindra Nath Tagore and his contributions to the country.

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 In the end, we all were requested to join the National Anthem which is now an Indian ritual followed either at the start or end of every event. The celebrations of this year were different from all the years. Despite all the limitations, this event was still a huge success because it brought in us the spirit of unity, love, positivity and hope. It showed us that we can be strong if we are together in this.

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