Write a Report on Free Health Check-up Camp in Your School [With PDF]


Today in this article I’m going to show you a couple of Report Writing Examples on Free Health Check-up Camp in Your School.

Report on Free Health Check-up Camp in Your School

Example 1

Free Health Check-Up Camp Organised by Sodepur High School

By Suprity Acharyya

January 17th; Sodepur High School: A free health check-up camp was organised yesterday by Sodepur High School in order to celebrate the Republic Day ceremony. It was really a unique way to celebrate the very day. For setting up the medical camp the school authority collaborated with the Apple hospital.


Free full body checkup and free pathological test camp were set up inside the school premises. A voluntary blood donation camp was also set up beside this. The camp was exclusively organised for poor people who hardly can afford quality treatment for their physical issues. The students of the school worked as volunteers to manage the queue and the crowd.

The camp started its work from 8 a.m. after the flag lifting ceremony. Many names were already enlisted for health checkup. Many specialist doctors along with three renowned surgeons were present in the camp. After checking up the patients, some of the required medicines were also provided to them.

Besides, the blood donation camp also went overwhelmingly well. Many donors came up to donate their valuable blood. This unique initiative of Sodepur High School to celebrate the Republic Day is being appreciated everywhere.

Example 2

Muralidhar Girls’ School Organised Health Check Up Camp for Students

By Suprity Acharyya

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November 15th, Muralidhar Girls’ School: Muralidhar Girls School has set an example again by organising a health checkup camp for their students of class 8. It was Children’s Day on which occasion the camp was set up. According to the principal, health is the primary wealth of human beings and must be protected.

And as today’s students are the future of the nation their health must be protected specifically. For the event the school auditorium was chosen as the venue. Nine renowned lady doctors attended the camp. The overall health conditions of all the students were checked up by them.

After checking up, the doctors even prescribe necessary actions and precautions if needed to be taken. The guardians of all the students were invited as well in the event. Beside health checkup, a career counselling camp was also set up by the school.

There the students got professional help in order to choose the accurate career options as per their individual talent and tenancy. 5 renowned psychologists and career counsellors of Kolkata headed this career counselling camp. The school authority has promised to organise such medical camps every year for different grade’s students.

Example 3

Free Health Check-Up and Vaccination Camp for Distressed People in Agarpara Mahajati Vidyapith

By Suprity Acharyya

February 2nd, Agarpara Mahajati Vidyapith: A free health check-up camp was organised on the first day of February by the Agarpara Mahajati Vidyapith. The camp was an outcome of a collaboration between the school and Zenith super speciality hospital.

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The headmaster of the school reported that the camp was exclusively organised for poor distressed people who cannot afford regular health check-up due to financial problems. Besides the health check-up camp, a free necessary vaccination camp was also organised for children of those poor families.

Many children who were not provided with necessary vaccination earlier, the camp was set up to vaccinate them in a proper way. Many doctors as well as health workers offered voluntary service in the camp. The med plus multi-branded medicine distributing company came forward to provide certain necessary medicines in free of cost. The medical camp started its work from around 9 in the morning.

As per the expectation, many people came for health checkup and more than 100 children were vaccinated. The MLA of Panihati legislative area Mr Swapan Ghosh was present as the chief guest. He assured the organising committee for any further necessary assistance. Thus with a holistic coordination of different sectors, the medical camp came to a successful end at around 7:00 p.m.

Example 4

The Hindu School Organised Their 100 Year’s Routine Health Check Up Camp

By Suprity Acharyya

July 15th; Hindu School: The renowned Hindu School organised the 100th year ceremony of their traditional heritage medical camp yesterday. It was exactly hundred years back when the school authority first realised the significance of organising a health checkup camp in the school every year. From then a free routine medical check-up camp is organised in the school exclusively for students as well as teachers.

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Besides that, a detailed yearbook for everyone is maintained in the school to keep a record of their physical well being. Now after so many years this tradition has become the signature mark of Hindu School. This year the school authority has decided to celebrate the 100th year of their tradition in a splendid way.

That’s why this year’s medical camp is not only for the students and teachers but also for those people who live in streets. In order to implement their agenda, many leaflets were being distributed and the whole program was being announced all over the city since a month. Yesterday after the opening with a short speech of the former principal of the school, the medical camp started its work at around 9:00 in the morning.

As expected a large number of people came for the health checkup. Kolkata police has helped to maintain the crowd. The students also voluntarily participated in the queue management after their routine checkup.

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