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By | January 13, 2021

Today in this article I am going to show you the examples of each type of Conjunction with sentences. To download the PDF of this lesson please find the PDF downloadable link mentioned below of this article.

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What is a Conjunction?

It is a word which connects two or more than two words phrases clause or sentences.

For example, he shall do it before I return. In this sentence ‘before’ is used as a Conjunction.

 Here is the 10 example of conjunction in a sentence.

Conjunction or divided into two main types, Co-ordinate conjunction and Subordinating conjunction.

Co-ordinate Conjunction are four kinds:

  1. Cumulative or Copulative Conjunction
  2. Alternative Conjunction
  3. Adversative Conjunction
  4. Illative Conjunction

Here is the example of Co-ordinate Conjunctions.

Examples of Cumulative or Copulative Conjunction:


  • I read and write.
  • Suman and Subhankar are friends.
  • Be just and fear not.

Both- and:

  • Both he and his sister will go.

As well as:

  • Suman, as well as his sister, will go.

Not only- but also:

  • Not only she but his brother also will go.


  • He was there and you also.

Examples of Alternative Conjunction:


  • Make haste or you will be late.
  • Study or you will fail.


  • Either he or his brother will go.
  • Either he or his friends did it.

Neither- nor:

  • Neither he nor his brother will go.


  • Work hard otherwise, you will fail.

Examples of Adversative Conjunction:

But, yet, still:

  • He is poor but he is honest.
  • He is rich but miserly.


  • You are guilty however I don’t pardon you this time.

On the contrary:

  • I do not hate him, on the contrary, I love him so much.


  • You failed while your brother passed.
  • He works while you play


  • You may come only make no noise.

Examples of Illative Conjunctions:

Therefore, so, consequently:

  • He did not study hard therefore he failed.
  • You have opposed me, therefore I cannot help my brother.


  • I do not like him for he is a bad boy.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunction:

These are the example of Subordinating Conjunction.


Till, until:

  • Wait till it is night.
  • Wait until I come.
  • Until I return, stay where you are.


  • He came after I had left.


  • Ask before he could do the work.
  • Do not before I come.


  • He came when I was there.
  • I went there when he was ill.


  • Don’t go out while it rains.
  • While there is life, there is hope.


  • I have not seen him since I came.
Cause or reason

As, since:

  • As I am ill I cannot go.
  • Do as you are bidden.


  • He cannot work because he is ill.

That, so that:

  • He works hard that he may win the first prize.
  • Live well so that you may die well.


  • I work hard lest I should fail.
  • He fled lest he should be killed.


  • He wrote to us that he would not come.
  • I hear that he has come.
  • Sit down that you may not be hurt.


  • I shall go if you come.
  • I don’t know if he will be here.
  • If you would be healthy, be good.
  • If you read you will learn.


I shall fail unless you help me in the study.


  • I shall go there whether you like it or not.


  • I sell help you provided you to obey me.

So that:

  • He worked so hard that he fell ill.

Such that:

  • Shyam is such a fool that I cannot rely on him.


  • She is as tall as you.


  • She is taller than you are.

So- as:

  • I am not so tall as you are.

As- so:

  • As you sow so shall you reap?

According as:

  • They will be chosen according as they are fit.


  • Poor as I am, I am honest.


  • Though he is poor he is honest.
  • Though you are strong, I care a straw for you.


  • However strong she is she cannot do this.
  • You are wrong, however, you are pardoned this time.
  • However rich you may be, I do not care for you.


  • Whoever you may be just getting out from my room.


  • Whatever you say I do not believe you.

You can read about Conjunction in-depth here: Conjunction in English Grammar

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