An Essay on Time Spent with Grandparents [PDF]


Grandparents are so awesome, are not they? today we are going to see an essay on time spent grandparents, and how I feel while I spend my time with them, so let’s dive into the essay.

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While all my friends were getting excited about the weekend that they would see their grandparents, I never understood them. To me, there was nothing to talk about when they were talking about their grandparents.

Not that I had no grandparent, but we just never visited them. All our weekend would be spent on outdoor activities like children’s sports as we wait for holiday camping.

We never had any story to tell about our grandparents. Well, my elder siblings used to tell me that they used to visit granny when they were young. Nobody told me why they stopped.


However, the stories my classmates would tell about their experience with their grannies made me curious, wanting to have a story to tell too. So I asked mum that she take me to see them. Unexpectedly, she promised to take me over the next weekend. What a fun moment did I have!

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I guess mum had told my grandparents about the visit, so they were eager to see us. Everything was wonderful. The first thing that took my attention is the type of traditional food that granny made for us.

I won’t say that mammy does not make us delicious food, but then the food I took that day was friendlier to my mouth. I loved the fact that she entertained by being in the kitchen.

I now understand why all that my friend talks about when it comes to their grandparents is food. Well, they have other stories, but when it comes to food, everyone wants to talk.

The weekend gave me a break from the baked food that we are used to at home. My grandmother noticed that I was so entertained about the food and so she packed the rest for me. What generous granny!

Another thing that made my day was how my grannies were able to give me stories, some fiction, while other real-life stories. For the first time, I spent a whole day without thinking about where my tab was for games.

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The stories were so fascinating with lots of lessons. Even for the ones that seemed factious, they would talk about is as though they were present when the scene was taking place.

I loved the zeal that they had. I realized that most of the stories that my grandfather had been more of war-related, while those that my grandmother had been more of family and religious related.

In of the significant thing that I learned was that at times things happens in life that at times can make you doubt whether you will come out of it and smile.

I also enjoyed playing around with my grandparent’s pets. Wow! I am still thinking about Petra, my grannies’ doggy. This dog would run from one end of the compound to another as we play around with my cousin’s ball.

I realized he used loved playing around with the ball as though chasing me but on a jockey ground. This took the better part of my day since the compound was fascinating. I am not a cat lover, so I didn’t mind about the pet cat whom some people would call pretty.

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I loved the whole day at my grandparents’ place. If mommy makes a joke about going back, I think I will spend the entire night doing my homework to make the proposed day free.

I have not been able to stop talking about the day. Every time we are storing as a family, I tend to get attracted to the memories I brought home. I am hoping that I will get such a change soon.

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