An Essay on Plastic-Free India [With PDF]


In today’s era, we need to use plastic in terms of plastic bottles, carry bag and much more. But unknowingly we are the reason for plastic pollution, in today’s essay paper we are going to cover an essay on plastic-free India. I hope you like it!

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They say that in India alone, over 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is being created every day. That translates into a lot of plastic being made by different Indian companies or being imported into the country.

What this amount of plastic means is that there is a problem that is going to be hard to solve for Indian officials and its people. What adds to the problem is that at least 40% of all the plastic waste is left on the streets uncollected.

These statistics provide the evidence needed to convince just about anyone that India has a plastic problem. There is just too much of it and it is probably ruining the environment


Goa institute ban on plastic 20 years ago yet that ban has not shown any evidence that it has been a successful tool. PM Modi has used a ban on plastics as a political tool banning single-use plastic items from being part of the economy.

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But in the last 2 years, his government has not made any official statement concerning the bans or how they are to be implemented. This adds to the confusion s the different Indian states do not know what they should do or what they can legally do in stopping this plastic epidemic.

Some prominent Indian citizens have suggested that there should be improvements in the collection, division and the recycling process involved in getting the plastic waste off the streets, etc., and into landfills or better use options.

Sadly, those prominent people only look to the government to solve the issue and do not want to take the right steps to help their country. As far as it is known there is no law stopping these or other citizens from starting a business to help solve this national problem.

Not only is the lack of involvement of Indian people one of the problems that hinder these bans. Most bans do not come with an effective way to enforce those bans. It is easy to create a ban but it is very difficult to enforce them when there is no proper mechanism to punish the offenders.

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There is another important issue that affects the implementation and enforcement of these bans. In India alone, there are over 30,000 manufacturing businesses that create more and more plastic for the government to collect.

These manufacturing plants employ over 4,000,000 Indians. A total shut down on most plastic products would not only affect these people it may also have a negative impact on the Indian economy as more people find themselves out of work.

Also, plastic products make up about 7.56 billion dollars of the total Indian export business. A ban on plastics would certainly damage the export business and the Indian economy.

Given the different factors involved, the issue of plastics is not going to be very easy to solve. Yes, the PM and other government officials can institute bans on its creation but those bans create other difficult problems for the government to solve.

With no alternative employment industry to make up for the economic shortfall, it is not a smart move to simply institute a ban that would create a plastic-free India. There have to be some options in place prior to creating the ban so that displaced workers and employers can transition to smoothly.

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Those alternatives take time to create. Then with the loss of tax revenue those plastic employers and employees pay to the state, the government may not have the funds to create the alternatives needed.

Having a plastic-free India is no quick fix issue to solve. A lot of thought and ingenuity is needed to make sure India does not fall even further behind the rest of the world in its economy.
Solving national issues is not as easy as some people think. There are just too many related issues that complicate the whole solution search. Often people crying for a solution keep their perspective very narrow and do not consider the total fallout or the related issues that are affected by their demands to clean up the problem.

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