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Today we are presenting an essay on my first day in school, so let’s get started.

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A person’s first day of school can be a bit traumatizing no matter how old you get. There are many first days at school starting from kindergarten, which I skipped, to elementary school to middle and high school all the way up to college.

Maybe it is the fear of the unknown and leaving the environment you are used to, which makes it difficult. When a young boy is 6 years old, leaving the comforts of home and the protection of his parents, the boy feels a bit vulnerable.

He has to learn to stand on his own feet because not everyone is the same and they all do not come from the same backgrounds or the same neighborhoods. At least when I started elementary school, I had friends from the neighborhood that I could count on.


Every school had its share of tough guys who wanted to be the boss among the younger kids and the elementary playground was that place they could exercise their authority.

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I do not know but maybe I was one of the lucky ones as no one really picked on me my first day. In fact, it was a quiet sunny September morning when I trotted off to school. My older brother and sister may have walked me but I do not remember

What I do remember is that I made it to school unscathed and found my way to my classroom. I must have or I would have heard about it from my parents when I got home.

The good thing about the first days at school where I grew up is that there is no work. Everyone is trying to get settled in their assigned desks. The teacher told everyone where they would be sitting and I think I got the back of the classroom.

That didn’t matter to me the teacher wrote in very large print so I could see what she wanted us to know without straining my eyes. I think she wrote that first day that her name was Mrs. Konklin. A strange name, one I am sure we would make fun of later in the year.

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But today we were all respectful, nice and obeyed her every command. What work we did was just introductory things like giving our names and personal data and all. For some reason, the teacher who seems to hand out the same assignment every year, as this exercise was repeated every time, I had her as my guide.

Recess came early. It was only 15 minutes and the teachers liked it because it gave them a bit of a break from us. We weren’t supervised that much as there was too little time to get into any real trouble.

The first day started at 9 a.m. and if I remember correctly we had to stay till 3 p.m. For the next 12 years that would be our school schedule. Lunch was a lot more fun as we had a full hour to go outside, run around and just play with each other.

It didn’t take long for the neighborhood boys to gather in their own little groups. With everything new, including new kids to get to know, it was all overwhelming and it was nice to be with someone you knew.

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As the day wore on, we started to get used to our new surroundings and I and my friends began to relax a little bit. The school wasn’t going to be that bad after all. I liked my teacher because she seemed nice and unbiased.

As 3 o’clock approached our classroom activities were designed to help us break the ice and get to know our new classmates but when that last bell rang we were getting out from that classroom and the school doors like a shot. Finally, we were free!

So how was this presentation on “My first day at school”? I hope you liked it, however, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section regarding this essay, I would love to hear from you!