Importance of Examination Essay in English [With PDF]


Hello Readers, today in this essay presentation we are going to see an essay on importance of examination in a student’s life.

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An examination is an assessment aimed at measuring students’ skills, aptitude, or knowledge in one or more topics of study. A test can be administered either on paper or verbally.

Students usually become nervous and anxious when they anticipate taking an examination. Exams are an essential tool in learning. The following reasons discuss why examination tests are important

Exams are a motivator for students to learn moreĀ 

Examinations compel students to do more research on topics learned in class so that they can understand the given topic in detail.


A student who is undertaking a practical course like mechanical engineering would do more practice in the field, for example, repairing the engine of a car, so that they can understand better the theoretical explanation of doing something.

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A student will regularly revise their notes until they fully internalize and understand course concepts.
Examinations require students to be logical and critical thinkers in answering questions.

In writing answers, the examiner will be keen to see if the student will present their ideas creatively and logically. The student will then have to do a lot of studying during their free time so that when the time comes for them to write down, the examination content will flow naturally.

Examination test students’ understanding of conceptsĀ 

Every student is unique in their particular way. Each student understands concepts taught in class differently.

Some students are fast learners, others are average, and others are slow learners.

A teacher in a preschool will give an examination to the students to determine the children’s’ understanding of concepts. Once done marking the teacher will know each Childs’ academic strength.

In return help, the teacher decides on the best approach to use in teaching the students.

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The teacher will determine how much more effort she or he will require to put in place to help the students understand concepts clearly.

The students’ performance influences this in a given test. A teacher gets to know what areas of study the students found interesting and those that were hard to comprehend.

Examinations encourage healthy competition among students

With the absence of exams, students would not be compelled to compete academically among themselves. Examinations examination promotes healthy competition among themselves. It is a dream of most university students to be in the top class in their field of study.

Being at the top boosts the students’ self-confidence and will study very hard to remain at the top. The second will spend more time studying to outshine the top student. This competition is good because it forces students to explore more and acquire more knowledge.

Teachers grade students based on how they perform on the test given. A student would want to be noticed as the best performer in class in so doing students compete for that position and also recognition.

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Examinations instil discipline in studentsĀ 

A student in school knows they will undertake a test at one time during their academic year. A learner, therefore, will remain focused on their studies because they would not want to miss classes or assignments given fearing they will fail in their examination. Imagine a system of education without examination.

Students would lose interest and focus on their studies. School is not a school without examinations because students will not see the importance of studying since there will be no grading or assignment administered to them.

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