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Pollution is rapidly increasing these days, there are several steps are taken to prevent pollution but sadly it is still increasing, here in this topic we are going to present an essay paper to demonstrate the environmental pollution to a global problem. SO let’s begin with the essay!

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Generally, when we talk of environmental pollution, the very first impression that comes across our minds is a visible problem that conjures up images of rubbish dumps as well oil spills, but the truth is, most forms of environmental pollution are invisible to the human eye and come in quite a number of different forms.

It’s quite apparent that living organisms can’t live by themselves, and for that, all living organisms inclusive of plants, human beings, animals, among other physical surroundings with whom we interact with make up the general environment.

All these constitutes of the environment depend on each other, and for that, they maintain a balance in nature. Affirmatively, these dependent relationship calls for the creation of controls to manage environmental imbalances and which highly result to pollutions.


Ideally, environmental pollution can be viewed as the undesirable change in the biological, physical as well as chemical characteristics of water, air, and land on the overall.

Environmental pollution can also be viewed as the introduction of contaminants to our surroundings wholly as a byproduct of human actions. Today, environmental pollution is one of the most serious global challenges facing humanity, as well as other life forms.

According to a publication by the United Nations Environment Annual Report 2018, pollution is a global issue affecting over 100 million people worldwide and which is comparable to global killer diseases such as HIV and Malaria.

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In the US, approximately 40% of rivers and 46% of lakes are too polluted for aquatic life, fishing, swimming, or even home usage. Again, roughly one-third of the world’s topsoil is already degraded and which is as a result of improper agricultural practices, deforestation as well industrial practices, practices which threaten the existence of the world’s topsoil 60 years from now. Again, the World Health Organization discloses that an estimation of 91% of the world’s total population lives in areas that do not meet the WHO air quality guidelines levels.

Its also estimated that air pollution causes roughly 4.2 million deaths of premature deaths worldwide. To this end, it’s quite apparent that environmental pollution is one of the most serious global issues that we are facing today and which needs to be given close attention.

Types of Environmental Pollution:

Air Pollution:

Ideally, there are two major types of air pollution inclusive of primary and secondary. Firstly, primary air pollution is usually emitted directly from their source while, on the other hand, secondary air pollution is formed once primary pollutants react in the atmosphere.

Air pollution is considered to the most dangerous as well prevalent form of pollution and more so when viewed from an urbanization perspective. The major cause of air pollution includes partially combusted exhaust gases, which are an industrial by-product emission inclusive of carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide.

In other instances, air pollution can occur when substances such as friable asbestos fiber are released into the air and which might cause serious health issues.

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Water Pollution:

This type of pollution occurs when water bodies are contaminated. Typically, each and every living thing highly depends on water to live, and for that, pollution of any water, bodies tend to affect the ecosystem from all levels inclusive of human health.

Some of the common causes of water pollution comprise of oil spills, insecticides, fertilizers, industrial waste, detergents, pesticides, among other contaminants. Water pollutants might affect living organisms by either toxicity or by reducing oxygen levels in the water.

Thermal Pollution:

This type of pollution is mostly related to industrial practices where they release heat energy as a by-product, and once released into the air or water bodies, it results in global warming. Usually, the problem arises when the excess of carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere, and as a result, global warming occurs due to interference of the ozone layer.

Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution normally strips the soil its nutrients, and some of the major causes of soil pollution comprise of the use of agricultural chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, radioactive and industrial waste, among other contaminants. Soil pollution at times results in soil erosion as well as the barrenness of the soil, leaving it unproductive.

Noise Pollution:

This type of environmental pollution refers to the excess of unpleasant sounds emanating from transportation, heavy machinery, human occupation, infrastructure, industrial practices, among other sources.

Affirmatively, noise pollution usually has detrimental effects on both the human physical and mental health as its highly linked with cases of depression, hearing problems, hypertension, increased incidents of coronary artery diseases, among other ailments.

Noise pollution is also associated with instances of reducing the number of viable habitats for wildlife animals as it interferes with communication and sounds and, as a result interfering with the way animals navigate, communicate, detect prey and predators as well mate.

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Effects of Environmental Pollution:

Ideally, each and every form of pollution has its own effects on the overall environment inclusive of; air pollution is highly associated with instances of increased respiratory issues; it also causes acid rain, as well as interference with the ozone layer.

Water pollution, on the other hand, causes serious threats to aquatic life, animals as well as humans. Soil pollution also has substantial effects on humans, animals, aquatic life, among other microorganisms.

Noise pollution is highly associated with mental issues as well as interfering with wildlife habitats. Thermal pollution mostly affects the ozone layer, while radioactive pollution affects both the ozone layer and the overall human health.

To this effect, it’s quite apparent that environmental pollution is not only a threat to the existence of living things, but it is also a global issue that’s affecting everyone all over the world.

Globalization is actually the major cause of environmental pollution as it has advanced human actions more extensively to the point of destroying their own habitats. Efforts need to be put in place so as to work towards conserving the environment as well as promoting practices that uphold total environmental conservation.

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