An Essay on a Day Without Electricity [PDF]


In today’s era, electricity plays a vital role in our daily life, a day without electricity is very hard to imagine. In this contrary, we are going to present an essay on a day without electricity.

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Imagine sitting a dark, confined space in absolute silence and no human being around. That’s how it would feel to live a day without electricity.

Firstly, let me list out what all I would not be able to do. I would have to say goodbye to my daily morning coffee as, without the help of my refrigerator, my milk would have gone bad. And black coffee is an atrocity that I cannot face, forget tasting.

With a grumpy start to my morning, I would enter my washroom to shower only to realize that today would be the day I freeze to death as my instant geyser would not be working.


With my body shivering and my teeth chattering, I would rush to my room only to realize that my phone is on 10 percent battery and my hairdryer will not switch on today. What a miserable situation it would be.

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After getting ready somehow, I would rush downstairs to realize that after a long time, I will need to eat some fruit or ready-made items due to the uselessness of my toaster I would have to forgo my usual toast and jam for the day.

As I reach school, I realize it would turn out to be a fun day as due to the absence of electricity, we could be out of our classes for the entire day. It would turn out to be an unintentional picnic by itself. Well, the food may not be up to the mark due to obvious reasons but we would manage with what we have.

The ride back home after our usual class hours would be tiring and sweaty due to the lack of air-conditioning inside the bus, leaving us to battle the city’s humidity and pollution through the panes of our open bus windows.

On a much larger scale, there would be a global crisis as no electricity would mean complete darkness after sunset. It would also lead to a lapse of our economy as online trading and e-commerce would suffer losses of high stakes and fail to record every move or change in numbers and keeping track of the ever-changing stock market would be a whole new nightmare.

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It would lead to various complications in the Healthcare industry as most Intensive care units rely on ventilators and various other pieces of equipment that rely on electricity to work and keep patients alive.

On a global stage, there would a standstill situation as getting messages across from one place to another would not be able to take place at a drop of a hat. Likewise, news agencies would have to step down for a day as neither would they be able to shoot any content nor would they be able to broadcast it for a day.

On an industry basis, there would be a huge slow down as almost all technology and machines would shut down for a day leaving production output to zero. Every IT company would face horrors as they would not be able to even implement their basis work for the day, leading to various complications and unwanted situations creating liabilities for the company.

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While all of this would be on, there would another face to the entire situation as a whole.

Industries that implement and propagate usage of solar-powered systems would be able to work as usual without any hindrances. For various institutions, sustainable developments would be given first priority and put into use to set off the process of manufacturing again.

And while a majority of the population would miss out on the latest meme, or the launch of the latest song, they would feel a sense of gratification towards having reduced usage of electricity and leading the way to a more sustainable and pollution-free way of life.

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