Write a Dialogue between You and Your Friend about Your Hobby


In this article, I will show you exactly what to write when you got a question i.e. write a dialogue between you and your friend about your hobby.

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Sample Conversation 1

Rishi: Hi Chirag. How are you today?

Chirag: I am absolutely fine. How are you?

Rishi I am also fine. I just saw Ragahv. He was going to swimming class.


Chirag: That is great. I am happy for Raghav as he is able to pursue his hobby as a career.

Yes Even I am so happy for Him. What is your hobby?

Rishi My hobby is Music. I play keyboards and a little guitar whenever I get the time. I just love music.

Chirag: That is great.

Rishi Yes. What is your hobby?

Chirag: Oh my hobby is painting. I do oil painting. I just love how the colors form a beautiful piece of art. Oh wow. You need to show me some of your paintings soon.

Rishi Yes sure. Do come by my hou7se.

Chirag: Okay sure. Bye for now.

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Rishi: Bye.

Sample Conversation 2

Archie: Hi lily

Lily: Hi Archie, how are you doing?

Archie: I am fine, how are you?

Lily: I am also fine.

Archie: Do you know any dance class I can find near our house?

Lily: Dance class? Sure there are two done on the street and some towards the right of the area.

Archie: Oh thank you so much;

Lily: Are you joining dance classes?

Archie: Yes. Actually dance is my hobby and I am not very well learned but I love to do it. So I decided to take some help.

Lily: That is great. Dance is my hobby too. I have been using some YouTube videos to practice some moves.

That is so great! I think we both should join dance class together.

Archie: Oh great Idea. I will let you know soon about it.

Lily: Okay. Great.

Sample Conversation 3

Tina:  Hello Natasha!

 Natasha: Hi Tina. How are you today?

Tina: I am great. What about you?

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Natasha:  I am fine. Thank you. Where are you headed in the morning?

Tina: Oh! I was just going for a run in the garden.

Natasha:  Oh I see. Do you go there daily?

Tina: Yes almost. I love running. It helps me clear my mind and I usually do it in my leisure time.

Natasha: That is such a great hobby!!

Tina:  Thank you. What is your hobby?

Natasha: My hobby is dance. I just love to dance. It helps to cheer me up whenever I feel low and it’s a great way of exercise also.

Tina: Yeah I agree. Hey how about some time we both join a dance workshop or something?

Natasha: That is a great idea. If I find something I will let you know.

Tina: Okay great. I will get going now. Bye!

Natasha: Okay see you.

Sample Conversation 4

Akash: Hi Ajay!! How are you?

Ajay: I am fine. How are you?

Akash: I am fine too. Thank you.  What are you doing this evening?

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Ajay: I am taking care of my garden. The garden in my backyard is running weeds.

Akash: Oh! It is such a beautiful garden.

Ajay: Thank you. I work every day in it.

Akash: Oh!

Ajay: This is my hobby. 

Akash: This is so great and an amazing use of time.

Ajay: Yes. May I ask you you’re Hobby?

Akash: My hobby is reading. I get such pleasure from it. It helps me to keep calm and patient.

Ajay: It is really interesting.

Akash: Oh! I have to go now. I will see you soon.

 Ajay: All right. See you again.

There You Have It

So I hope now you got some idea on how to write the conversation between you and your friend about your hobby.

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