Dialogue between Shopkeeper and Customer to Return Defective Product


In the dialogue below, It is all about how one shopkeeper and customer are discussing the defective piece that has been sold to him.

Sample Conversation 1

Shopkeeper: Welcome to our store Ma’am! How may I help you today?

Customer: Good evening. Actually I bought this watch from your store last week.

Shopkeeper: Okay. Can I see the receipt?


Customer: Here it is.

Shopkeeper: What is the problem you’re facing?

Customer: The dial of the watch is broken.

Shopkeeper: Oh. Can I see the watch?

Customer: Here.

You see on the right side the dial is broken and that is why the watch is not working.

Shopkeeper: This usually doesn’t happen. Let me exchange this watch for a new watch. Do you want the same model or different?

Customer: Same model will be fine. But, can you try for a black strap instead of brown.

Shopkeeper: Yes. We can change the straps if you want.

Customer: That will do. 

Shopkeeper: You can collect the watch from the counter. Thank you. Visit again.

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Sample Conversation 2

Shopkeeper: How can I help you today?

Customer: I am returning something that I bought yesterday.

Shopkeeper: What would you like to return?

Customer: I’m returning a digital watch.

Shopkeeper: Was there something wrong with it?

Customer: It’s defective.

Shopkeeper: What isn’t working on it?

Customer: It keeps turning off on its own.

Shopkeeper: Alright, do you have the receipt?

Customer: I have it right here.

Shopkeeper: Please give me two minutes sir. I need to verify the problem. Why don’t you take a look around? We have the latest collection of accessories available.

Customer: Sure. I am a regular customer. I love the collection you have. 

Shopkeeper: Sorry for the inconvenience sir. I’m going to take care of this and refund your money. Do you want to gift wrap the watch again?

Customer: Yes please. Thanks for your help.

Sample Conversation 3

Shopkeeper: Good Morning Ma’am. How can I help you?

Customer: Good Morning. Three days back, I bought a 36 size shirt from your shop. But my husband needs a 38  size and also a different color if available.

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Shopkeeper: Let me see Madam. Which color are you looking for?

Customer: Dark blue will do. The pattern should be the same.

Shopkeeper: Sorry madam. The 38 size doesn’t have blue. Red, Black, yellow are the only colours available.

Customer: Okay. The black one will do. 

Shopkeeper: Please show me your order receipt.

Customer: Okay. Here it is. 

Shopkeeper: I will submit the receipt and the shirt at the counter. Please collect from there.

Customer: Thankyou for your service.

Shopkeeper: Welcome madam. Please visit again.

Sample Conversation 4

Customer: Good morning sir! can you please change this watch?

Shopkeeper: But why sir?

Customer: The glass is cracked and I also found that the metal coating is mere paint. It has started chipping out.

Shopkeeper: Sir, we sell things from verified sellers only. Let me see what went wrong.

Customer: Sure. Here is the order receipt.

Shopkeeper: Sir, Please look at our watch collection. Sorry that the last piece turned out to be defective. If you do not like anything from this, then I will return the entire order amount.

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Customer: Okay. I think the one in the rightmost corner looks classy. Is that one available with brown straps?

Shopkeeper: We can change the straps sir.

Customer: Okay. That will do then.

Shopkeeper: I will pack it and send it to the counter. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit again.


Here in this article, I tried to cover four sample conversations between Shopkeeper and Customer to Return Defective Product. Do let me know which one you liked most by leaving a quick comment below.

Also if you want some more specific dialogues on this topic Shopkeeper and Customer, do let me know in the comment section as well.