Write a Dialogue between Two Friends about Preparation for the Examination


This below dialogues will help you understand how a dialogue discussion is being written when the conversion is between Two Friends About preparation of the upcoming examination.

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Sample Conversation 1

Puneet: hello Rimsha, I need your help.

Puneet: Firstly, you cool down, drink some water.

Rimsha: hmm


Puneet: why are you so scared, what happened?

Rimsha: actually, I got my 1st semester results and…

Puneet: and

Rimsha: I failed in 3 subjects (crying)

Puneet: don’t cry, you will do better than this and I know you.

Rimsha: no, I will not and I knew it.

Puneet: what if, I will help you during your exams. Is it okay?

Rimsha: yeah, that will be better. But… actually nothing, just ignore it.

Puneet: but? You can believe me; you have my back.

Rimsha: First you talk about your preparation for the exams?

Puneet: I have completed my syllabus for 4 subjects and 2 remaining.

Rimsha: oh my god, now you are giving me more stress.

Puneet: Why, didn’t you prepare anything till now?

Rimsha: no.

Puneet: don’t Worry. We will prepare from today. Will meet in the evening at 5pm. Because just one and half month is left for semester examination.

Rimsha: thank so much, for helping me and relieving my stress.

Puneet: don’t worry you are my friend and I am always available for my friends.

Sample Conversation 2

Deepa: Hello Sunakshi, how do you do?

Sunakshi: I am fine, thank you. Why are you looking so sad?

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Deepa: Actually, I am worried about my exams.

Sunakshi: Don’t take so much stress, you could ask me anytime whenever you need me.

Deepa: I am really scared that I will fail.

Sunakshi: Oh, sorry to know. But I think you should change your learning method. I have seen, your English learning method is not very good.

Deepa: Yeah, I think so. Can you help me a bit about this? I think I can overcome this problem if you help me.

Sunakshi: Why not? I will help you. You just make some time and come to my house. I hope we will learn and spend some quality time together. By the way, I am also struggling with Mathematics. I hope you will help me solve some problems.

Deepa: Yes, of course. My math syllabus is clear. I have a personal notebook that has everything about that subject. That might help you.

Sunakshi: Oh, thanks Deepa, I forgot to tell, I have an English notebook too that I have made. I will give it to you for a week, you can note every important thing from that.

Deepa: Oh really? I am glad to know. Actually, I was looking for a good notebook on English. Now I am getting some hope that I will make a better result in English.

Sunakshi: Of course, you will, because you are a very good learner Deepa.

Deepa: Thanks, Sunakshi, hey, I have to go now. I need to go to the market for buying a few home stuffs. See you.

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Sample Conversation 3

Milly: Hello Rishi, how are you?

Rishi: I am fine, and what about you?

Milly: I am not so good. I am worried about my exam.

Rishi: It is very common. You are serious about it, so you are worried.

Milly: Don’t philosophize, please. I am really afraid as I have no good preparation for English. In a short time, it is very difficult for me to make a success in English.

Rishi: I think your English learning method is not so good. You should learn some basic rules of English if you want to do well in English.

Milly: You are right. Besides, I should improve my writing skill to do well in English.

Rishi: It is okay. You will do better if you read English regularly.

Milly: Thank you for your encouragement. To speak the truth, I am afraid as I couldn’t secure more than 50% marks in English in the last examination.

Rishi: No matter. You are a good student. I hope you would be able to make up for the loss.

Milly: Now tell me about your preparation.

Rishi: I paid equal attention to all the subjects. So, I am not worried about any particular subject. Now I am revising all the subjects.

Milly: Very well. You are always studious and laborious. You did not waste your time. You have also made a good preparation.

Rishi: Do not mention it. But it is true that I read regularly and emphasize on all subjects equally.

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Milly: Excellent! Hope you will do better in the examination. Thank you.

Rishi: You are most welcome. Hope you will also do better.

Sample Conversation 4

Kunal: Hello Ravi, how do you do? Why are you looking so sad?

Kunal: Actually, I am worried about my final examination. What about your preparation for the examination?

Ravi: It’s going fine. I am also worried about my exam.

Kunal: But tell me about your preparation in different subjects.

Ravi: You know I’m weak in English. That’s why I’m taking special care in English. I’m having a detailed revision in other subjects.

Kunal: Are you taking help from any special books?

Ravi: Yes, but I study text books very carefully.

Kunal: I see. I must start working with the text books. What do you think?

Ravi: Yes. I think it’ll be very helpful not only for English but also for other subjects.

Kunal: Thank you for your supportive suggestion. I wish you good luck.

Ravi: You are most welcome.

There You Have It

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