Write a Dialogue between Teacher and Student who Comes Late to the School

By | December 28, 2020

In this article, I’m going to show you how to write a conversation between a Teacher and a Student who comes late to school. So let’s see how to write this.

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Sample Conversation 1

Student: May I come in, sir?

Teacher: Yes, stand here. Why do you always come late?


Student: Sir It is the bus which makes me late.

Teacher: What time do you leave home?

Student: I always leave home at quarter to eight.

Teacher: How far is your home from here?

Student: It is about three kilometres from here.

Teacher: That is why you get late. You leave your home very late.

 Student: Sir, I take my breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

 Teacher: What time do you get up?

 Student: I get up at about 7:00 a.m.

 Teacher: Don’t you offer your prayer?

 Student: Not regularly.

 Teacher: My dear. It is a bad habit. Change your routine. Always get up early in the morning. Offer your prayers and go for a morning walk.

Student: Sir, there is no park near our home.

Teacher: No problem. You can walk along the street in the morning time. Take breakfast at the right time and then leave for school.

Student: You are right, sir. From tomorrow, I shall never be late.

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Teacher: Good. One thing more to keep in mind. Regularity and punctuality conquer the mountains.

Student: Thank you very much for your good advice. Can I sit now, sir?

Teacher: Oh Yes, of course

Sample Conversation 2

 Teacher: Vinodh, why are you late today?

 Vinodh: I came by walk. I have an injury to my leg.

 Teacher: Yesterday also you came late to English class.

 Vinodh: I came with my father on a bike. We were held up in a traffic jam.

 Teacher: I will not excuse you hereafter. How many marks did you score on the English I paper

 Vinodh: I scored 60% sir.

 Teacher: In II paper?

 Vinodh: I scored 48% only.

Teacher: This is why I suggest you come early. You miss classes when you come late and then you lack in your exams.

 Vinodh: I understand your point, sir.

Teacher: Stop making excuses from now on and please try to come on time.

 Vinodh: okay sir.

Sample Conversation 3

Teacher: Ram. Wait. Why are you running in the corridors?

 Ram: Actually sir I got late today and my class has started.

 Teacher: Ram I have noticed that you are late almost every day. This is such a bad habit.

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Ram: Yes sir but today my bike was not working and that is why I had to take a roadways bus to come.

Teacher: You have a new excuse for every day and this is not a good thing.

I suggest you stop this or I will have to complain to your parents. You come late and always miss classes. How will you cope with your studies?

 Ram: Yes Sir I understand.

Teacher: Please try to improve this habit.

Ram: Yes sir.Thank you for your advice.

Sample Conversation 4

Deepak: Sir may I come in?.

Teacher: Oh I see you are today as well.

Deepak: I am sorry sir. My dog was sick and I had to take him to the hospital.

Teacher: Oh god You used the same excuse last week.

Deepak: umm

Teacher: Your Father is a military man right?

Deepak: Yes sir.

Teacher: I am guessing that he must be very punctual.

Deepak: yes sir he is.

Teacher: Please understand that making up excuses and getting late will not help you in the future.

Deepak: yes sir.

Teacher: I will say, Learn something from your father. With the help of regularity and punctuality, you will be able to conquer great things in the future.

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Deepak: I understand sir. Thank you for your advice.

Teacher: Please come and sit now.


There you have it: Dialogue writing between Teacher and Student who Comes Late to School. I hope you found this article helpful. Do let me know if you have any queries or doubts regarding it by leaving a comment below, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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