Write a Dialogue between Two Friends Discussing about how They Spend their Summer Vacation

By | January 24, 2021

This article will help you to learn how to write a dialogue between two friends discussing how they spend their summer vacation. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

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Sample Conversation 1

Raghav: Hi Suraj!

Suraj: Hello Raghav!

Raghav: How are you doing?

Suraj: I am great! How are you?

Raghav: I am also great and excited.

Suraj: Excited about?

Raghav: the upcoming  Summer vacations.

Suraj: Ohh yeah! What are you planning to do these vacation?

Raghav: I am going to Mussoorie for two weeks with my family.

Suraj:That is so great!

Yes. What are you doing these vacations?

Raghav: Oh I was planning on taking salsa classes. I have always wanted to learn it.

Suraj: That is great! Hope you have fun.

Raghav: You too.

Sample Conversation 2

Gunjan: Hey soumya!! How are you?

Soumya: I am good.How are you?

Gunjan: I am great! Aren’t you excited about summer vacations?

Soumya: I am so excited about it. I have planned so many things to do.

Gunjan: Oh really? Like What?

Soumya: I was thinking of joining a painting class and also working in a Ngo for the poor.

Gunjan: That is such a great way to spend the summer.

Soumya: Yes truly. What are you doing?

Gunjan: I am going to my maternal grandmother’s place for a week and from there we will go to Uttrakhand for a trip.

Soumya: That is great! Hope you have fun.

Gunjan: Yes thank you. You too.

Sample Conversation 3

Anu: Hey Gia!! Where are you coming from?

Gia: Oh hey Anu!! I just went for shopping.

Anu: Oh that is great. Looks like you are preparing for the summer vacations.

Gia: That is indeed correct. I bought some new clothes and dresses as I was going to take a modelling class this summer.

Anu: Oh my god! That is exciting!

Gia: Yes. I have always wanted to learn modelling in a professional way. What are you planning to do?

Anu: Even I was going for shopping to buy some bakeware as I was going to learn about baking.

Gia: Wow great! You will definitely have to make a cake for me sometime soon.

Anu: Sure. See you soon.

Gia: See you!

Sample Conversation 4

Neeraj: Hey!! Our summer vacations are starting in 10 days!! I am so excited!!

Happy: Yes!! Even I am excited!!

Neeraj: What are you planning to do?

Happy: To be honest I have planned nothing for this summer.

Neeraj:  But why?

Happy: I have just been busy with school work.

Neeraj: Oh. Even I was but I think we should have some Fun this summer. Let’s plan trip with all our friends.

Happy:That is a great idea!

Neeraj: Yes we can call all our friends like Deepak, Rishab etc.

Happy: Yes let’s meet today at my house.

Neeraj: Okay see you.

Happy: Okay.

That’s It

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