Write a Dialogue between Two Friends on the Importance of Reading Newspaper

By | December 31, 2020

This article helps you to understand how to write a conversation between two friends on the importance of reading the newspaper. So let’s get started.

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Sample Conversation 1

Raghav: Hey!! Suraj what are you doing?

Suraj: Hi!! I was just going to pick up a newspaper for my father.


Raghav: Do you go there daily?

Suraj: Yes I do. My father reads the newspaper daily with his morning tea. He even encourages me to read it.

Raghav: I think it is a very good habit. Even though I enjoy reading the newspaper, I am not that regular.

Suraj: Yes. Newspapers absolutely help us in every kind by providing information about important stuff.

Raghav: Yes that is true. For such a long time, even after the invention of television, people read newspapers daily because of how important they are in our lives.

Suraj: Yes I totally agree with you. Okay now i have to go.

Raghav: Bye!

Sample Conversation 2

Deepika: Hello Ragini. How are you doing?

Ragini: I am great. How are you?

Deepika: I am also fine. What are you doing these days?

Ragini: Oh I am preparing for the law entrance exam.

Deepika: That is so great! How’s  it going?

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Ragini: It is going okay. I am just worried about general knowledge questions.

Deepika: Oh yes they can be confused but I should suggest you read the newspaper daily. It will help you a lot.

Ragini: Oh really?

Deepika: Yes it will provide you with day to day events and news which will help you in exams and in daily life also. I have a habit of reading the newspaper daily.

Ragini: That is so great! Thank you so much for the advice.

Sample Conversation 3

Rahul: Hey Rishab. Have you heard about the new Citizenship amendment act?

Rishab: Hey Rahul. I have not heard about it. Is that something related to the protests?

Rahul: Yes that only. It’s all over the newspapers. Don’t you read it?

Rishab: No not daily.

Rahul: Oh. I just think everyone should read newspapers daily to keep themselves updated about the world and whatever is happening around them.

Rishab: Yes you are right.

Rahul: Yes because otherwise you will miss the important things.

Rishab: Yes I understand your point. I will try to read the newspaper daily.

Rahul: Okay that is great.

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Sample Conversation 4

Soumya:Hello Kirti! How are you?

Kirti: I am fine. How are you?

Soumya: I am also fine. Thank you. Where are you going?

Kirti: I am going to buy a newspaper.

Soumya: Do you read the newspaper regularly?

Kirti: Of course. Don’t you?

Soumya: Certainly. You know a newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge.

Kirti: You are right. Without reading newspapers we can’t know about the world.

Soumya: They who don’t read newspapers remain unaware about the current affairs of the country and world.

Kirti: At the same time newspapers contain articles related to our study. They are very helpful.

Soumya:Which section of newspaper do you like most?

Kirti: Certainly the study page. And you?

Soumya: I like the general knowledge section and literary articles.

Kirti: That’s very good. I have to go now.

Soumya: Ok. See you later. Bye.

Kirti: Bye.

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