Conversation Writing between Two Friends on Save Environment


In this article, I will show you how to write a conversation between two friends on save environment.

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Sample Conversation 1

Nidhi: Hi Rimsha! Where are you going?

Rimsha: Hi Nidhi! I was just going to one of my environment club meetings.

Nidhi: Oh.


Rimsha: You applied to be a member this year right?

Nidhi: Yes.My interview is on Monday.

Rimsha: Why do you want to join the club?

Nidhi: I just think it will be my contribution towards saving the environment. Even if it is very little. Being a member I will be able to create awareness about the importance of our environment.

Rimsha: Yes that is true. We conduct many events regarding the same. Okay, I will see you later. Hope you get selected.

Nidhi: Okay bye.

Sample Conversation 2

Puneet: Hey Rahul!

Rahul: Hey Puneet!

Puneet: What are  you doing?

Rahul: I was just making a poster about the importance of the environment.

Puneet: That is great but why?

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Rahul: Actually some people from any neighbourhood are doing a safe environment drive to create more awareness about it. For that I am making the poster.

Puneet: That is great!! Even I want to come. It is so important to create awareness about it because of the rapidly degrading level of our surroundings.

Rahul: Yes I agree.I will text you the details please join us.

Puneet: okay thank you.

Sample Conversation 3

Soumya: Hey gunjan!!

Gunjan: Hey soumya.How are you?

Soumya: I am not that well.How are you?

Gunjan: I am fine but what happened to you?

Soumya: Actually I was not feeling well for a couple of days and today I went to the doctor. He said I might have an infection in my lungs due to the pollution.

Gunjan: Oh my god!! That is so scary. This is why we need to create awareness about saving the environment.

Soumya: Yes I agree. The pollution is increasing day by day and it is affecting our lives so much.

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Gunjan: Yes that is true.Hope it gets better before there is no coming back from it. Anyways you take care, I have to go now.

Soumya:Yes thank you.Bye!

Gunjan: Bye!

Sample conversation 4

Neeraj: Hey Happy! Where are you going?

Happy: Oh hi. I was just going to the environmental awareness camp organised in our school.

Neeraj: I was not aware about this camp.

Happy: Actually the school has organised this camp to gather everyone and make them aware about the degrading situation of our surroundings and how we can contribute to make it better.

Neeraj: That is such a great step. If we need to survive we need to learn to take care of our environment.

Happy: Yes you are right.Do you want to join?

Neeraj: Yes let’s go.


There you have it: Conversation Writing between Two Friends on Save Environment.

I hope this article helps you.

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