Conversation or Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends about Tree Plantation [With PDF]


This below dialogues will help you understand how a dialogue discussion is being written when the conversion is between Two Friends about the Tree Plantation for protecting the environment.

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Sample Conversation 1

Ghanshyam: Hello Natthu. How are you?

Natthu: Fine and what about you?

Ghanshyam: I am also fine. Where did you go yesterday? I looked for you.


Natthu: I went to the Tree Fair to buy some saplings.

It has been going on for the last five days.

Ghanshyam: Oh. Tree fair! Who has organized this Tree Fair?  

Natthu: The Department of Agriculture and Forestry organizes this Tree Fair every year in all towns and cities on the occasion of Tree Plantation Week.

Ghanshyam: Why do they organize this Tree Fair?

Natthu:They organize tree fairs to increase the awareness about the importance of tree plantation.

Ghanshyam: Even I am not aware about tree plantation. Please tell me about the importance of tree plantation.

Natthu:  Trees are our best friends. Trees give us shade and shelter. We cannot think of our existence without trees.

Ghanshyam: But have you noticed the number of trees we all are cutting?

Natthu: If they cut down trees indiscriminately, the country will one day turn into a desert. The temperature will rise and it will cause greenhouse effect.

Ghanshyam: I think this would not be harmful if people planted more trees after cutting trees.

Natthu: You are right.

Ghanshyam: Now I understand why tree plantation is so important.

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Natthu Let us make aware of our friends and motivate them to plant trees more and more to make our country a land of greenery.

Sample Conversation 2

Aman: Rohan, did you hear? Our school is organizing a tree plantation drive.

Rohan: Yes, I heard. But what is the use? All of this deforestation, it does not affect us, buddy. We live in this concrete jungle, why should I care about trees?

Aman: No Rohan! You’ve completely misunderstood. Trees as a whole are essential for the environment and in turn, our well-being.

Rohan: But how?

Aman: Trees are our everything, Rohan! Trees produce oxygen. You can’t live without Oxygen Rohan! Besides that, trees are responsible for maintaining the ecological balance.

Rohan: Yeah.

Aman: Think of it this way Rohan, without trees, we would not be able to survive because the air would be unsuitable for breathing. If anything, we would have to develop masks that filter the little oxygen that would be left in the air. The air would become filthy and laden with Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide.

Rohan: Woah! That sounds pretty apocalyptic.

Aman: Moreover, without trees half of our plant and animal species would become extinct.

Agriculture wouldn’t be fruitful because without trees the fertile soil layer would erode.

Rohan: Wow! I didn’t realize all of this.

Aman: Also, it would rarely rain Rohan. Can you imagine a life without trees? Without fresh air? Without food or rain?

Rohan: No. You are right. We should do our part to help Mother Nature and ourselves.

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We will definitely participate in the Plantation drive organized by our school.

Aman: Yes!! More trees and more rain and more rainy days of football and chai on the fields!

Sample Conversation 3

Kunal: Tara, I was thinking what gifts should we give to guests who come over for Bunty’s birthday party?

Tara: I have an idea. Yesterday, I went to Bunty’s school and his teacher and I got to talking about Deforestation.

Kunal: Ah yes, our mother nature is hurting and the consequences are just dreadful.

Tara: Yes, I’m thinking that we give all our guests saplings as a thank you present. This way we can create awareness about the importance of trees and help our environment.

Kunal: That’s a brilliant idea! Our kids need to know that the air they are breathing is a gift given to us by trees.  Our food, shelter, furniture, rain everything is a token of nature’s generosity.

Tara: Yes. Trees are responsible for clean air, clean water, better mental health, agriculture, the list goes on.

Kunal: I’m so glad that we can do our part in educating our kids and helping Mother Nature heal.

Sample Conversation 4

Rajesh: Hello Ramesh!!!! Today, we are going to learn about trees. Do you like to play outside in the park? Do you like to eat mangoes? Do you like to sit under the trees when you get tired and nap?

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Ramesh exhales in happiness.

Rajesh: Ha-ha! It’s good to know that my friend enjoys being outside in nature. Trees are the heart and soul of our environment.

Trees purify the air we breathe. Our bodies can function properly because we have trees to provide us with oxygen.

Ramesh: Wow! Trees are so fascinating. I have one big mango tree in my backyard but my father is having it chopped down.

Rajesh: Sadly, chopping down trees for our own selfish motives is a common activity in our modern society. But what most people don’t realize is that they are hurting our environment and in turn hurting ourselves. Trees bind with the fertile topsoil and make the land profitable for agriculture.  Trees also give us food, shelter, resin, furniture and numerous things we wouldn’t be able to procure otherwise.

Ramesh: How can I stop this madness?

Rajesh: I can do my part. We should all plant more trees in our surroundings, in our gardens, schools, in little pots and on big lands. That way we can help our environment and alleviate the Earth.

Ramesh: Yes and more trees mean more mangoes!

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