Dialogue or Conversation Writing between Two Friends about Online Classes [With PDF]


In this lesson, you will learn how you can write a series of dialogues between two friends about online classes. I will write four sets of dialogues in the same context so that all my readers have a holistic idea of this topic.

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Example 1

Amit: Hey, Ramesh! 

Ramesh: Hello, Amit. How are you? 

Amit: I am good. What about you? 


Ramesh: I am fine as well. Thank you. 

Amit: So, what are you up to these days? 

Ramesh: Oh, nothing much. I have just been busy with online classes. What have you been doing recently? 

Amit: I have been busy with online classes as well. Online classes are fun. I don’t need to get ready in the morning and rush to school. I wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, and sit in front of my computer before the classes start. 

Ramesh: That’s true. Online classes are very convenient. Our teachers usually try new ways of communicating with us and teaching us. Our history teacher showed us documentaries on ancient civilizations and our physics teacher conducted fun experiments to show us the effects of gravity. 

Amit: I like online classes, but I miss going to school. Going to school, getting to meet all my classmates and being present in the classroom was truly an amazing experience. We used to have so much fun playing and learning together. 

Ramesh: I miss going to school as well. I hope things will go back to normal and we will be able to go back to school soon. 

Amit: Yes. Well, now, I have to go. It was nice talking to you. Bye.

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Ramesh: Goodbye, then. Take care. 

Example 2

Seema: Hey, Ritu! 

Ritu: Hello, Seema. Long time no see!

Seema: I was out of town for the past few weeks. My grandmother was sick and so, we went to our village to visit her. 

Ritu: Oh! How is she doing now? 

Seema: She has recovered and is doing much better now. 

Ritu: Well, I am glad. By the way, were you able to attend the classes while you were in the village? 

Seema: Yes. Because the classes are online, it wasn’t an issue. I was able to attend all the classes and even complete all homework and assignments. 

Ritu: That is great. Online classes are indeed very convenient. Last week, I went to my aunt’s house because my mom wanted to visit her. I took my laptop with me and was able to attend my classes without an issue. I was able to meet and play with my cousins without having a fear of missing school. 

Seema: That is true. I would have been forced to miss school if the classes weren’t online. However, I do miss going to school and meeting everyone there. I hope the pandemic ends soon and we can go to school again. 

Ritu: You are right. I wish for the same. Well then, see you tomorrow. I have to go now. Bye. 

Seema: Yes. Goodbye. 

Example 3

Akriti: Hiii, Rohan! 

Rohan: Hello, Akriti. How are you? 

Akriti: I am fine. What’s up with you? 

Rohan: I am fine as well. It is just that our school is reopening soon and it has been announced that the classes will be conducted offline from now onwards. So, I was going to the market to buy stationeries. 

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Akriti: Oh! Yes, I heard about it from another friend. Thankfully, our school has decided to continue with online classes. 

Rohan: Well, online classes are very convenient. There is no rush to wake up super early, get ready and rush to school. We can take our time to freshen up, exercise, have proper breakfast and then sit in front of the computer before the classes begin. I am going to miss online classes. 

Akriti: That’s true. What I like the most about online classes is that the teachers always come up with interesting ideas to help us learn. Our English teacher made us watch a classic English movie to help us with spoken English. Our chemistry teacher also conducted a class in his laboratory. He showed us various chemicals and chemical reactions.

Rohan: Wow! You have some amazing teachers. It must have been an amazing experience. 

Akriti: Oh, it was. Well, my mother is calling me. I will have to go. See you soon. Take care. 

Rohan: Yes. Bye. Take care. 

Example 4

Pritam: Hey, Akash! Long time no see. 

Akash: Hello, Pritam. How are you? 

Pritam: I am good. What about you? I haven’t seen you in months! 

Akash: I am fine as well. Thank you. Well, you know, I have to help my father with his business as he is chronically ill. I was planning to drop out of college because of the same reason. Thankfully, because of online classes, now I can finish my studies. I had been busy juggling everything and didn’t have the time to come to see you. 

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Pritam: I understand. Online classes are indeed very helpful. One can now attend the classes no matter where he is or what he is doing. This has definitely helped a lot of people who would have otherwise found it difficult to attend classes. 

Akash: That is true. My younger brother is in school and he finds online classes amazing as well. The teachers let them watch documentaries and other interesting things. It helps them learn better. However, I do think that many kids don’t take online classes seriously. 

Pritam: You are right. I often find my young cousins playing on the side when they should be focusing on the lecture. But online classes are still very convenient. 

Akash: I agree. Well then, I will see you later. I have to go buy some medicine for my father. Bye. 

Pritam: Yes. Goodbye. Take care. 

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