Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends about the Bad Effects of Smoking

By | December 20, 2020

In this article, I will show you how to write a dialogue writing between two friends about the bad effects of smoking. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Sample Conversation 1

Rishabh: Hey How are you today?

Neeraj: I am fine. How are you?


Rishabh: I am also fine. Hey, do have any money on you?

Neeraj:  Not right now. Why?

Rishabh: I needed to buy some cigarettes.

Neeraj:  You smoke?

Rishabh: Yes.

Neeraj: How often do you smoke?

Rishabh: Almost Daily. Why?

Neeraj: I understand that it is okay to smoke once in a while but I think you should quit or lower your consumption of cigarettes. As you might be aware that smoking causes really dangerous problems and I don’t want you getting sick because of a bad habit.

Rishabh: I understand and I know the entire thing you are saying but I am addicted and find it very hard to leave,

Neeraj: It is totally fine. I will help you and there are many helplines’ and help centers which are ready to help addicted people.

Rishabh: Thank you. I think with your help I will be able to give up this Habit.

Sample Conversation 2

Rishi: Hey raghav. Have you heard about nitin?

Raghav: No. what about him?

Rishi: Well his admitted in hospital and has been diagnosed with second stage lung cancer.

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Raghav: Oh my god. That’s really bad. But how did this happen.

Rishi: Well you remember he was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.

Raghav: Oh yes. Such a bad habit. Look where it landed him.

Rishi: True. I tried to make him understand the bad effects about it so many times but he was not ready to give it up.

Raghav: Yes I remember. I feel really bad for him and his family. I hope he will be okay soon.

Rishi: Yes me too.

Sample Conversation 3

Sijan: Hello Sijan. How are you

Suman: Hello suman. I am fine. How are you?

Sijan: I am also fine. Hey, what’s the weird smell coming from you?

Suman: It’s nothing. It’s just the smell of smoke.

Sijan: Oh My God! You smoke?

Suman: Yes. Why you are so shocked it very common.

Sijan: I know it is common but don’t you think it’s a bad habit.

Suman: If smoking is bad, why so many people all over the world smoke.

Sijan: They smoke because they understand the bad effects and they are addicted. You must be aware that smoking causes cancer and other dangerous diseases.

Suman: Cancer?

Sijan: Yes, Cancer. Smoking causes many other diseases. It affects our lunges severely.

Suman: Oh my god, this is scary.

Sijan: Yes. Please once think about your life ahead and your family. I advise you to give up this habit,

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Suman: Of course. I understand the repercussions of this habit and I will not smoke further.

Sijan: Thank you very much for your advice

Suman: You are most welcome. I shall go now.

Sijan: Bye see you later.

Sample Conversation 4

Mohit: Hey Mohit.

Shubham: Hey shubham. Are you ready to go to the mall?

Mohit: Yes I am ready. But can you just wait a minute? I will quickly go grab a cigarette box.

Shubham: What? Cigarette? Oh my god I heard that you have immensely adducted to cigarettes now.

Mohit: No I just smoke one now and then

Shubham: Why do smoke Mohit? Don’t you know smoking is harmful for health?

Mohit: Yes but you don’t the relief and satisfaction I get from smoking.

Shubham: But there are many bad effects of smoking. Don’t you know that? Smoking is like taking g poison

Mohit: But everyone smokes.

Shubham: I know because they are not aware. And you are a well-educated man so I think you should understand the bad effects it has.

Think about the diseases it can cause and scare you for life. Think about your family.

Mohit: Yes. I understand your point. Moreover, I never knew smoking was so dangerous for health.

Shubham: But now you know and I hope you understand and will try to quit.

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Mohit: Yes of course. Thank you.

Shubham: You are welcome. Now let’s go. 


So these are some sample conversations between two friends about the bad effects of smoking.

I hope you found this article helpful.

If you have any queries do let me know by leaving a quick comment just below the article.

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