Conversation or Dialogue Writing between Two Friends about Covid 19


In this article, I’m going to show you how to write a conversation between two friends about Covid 19.

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Sample Conversation 1

Nitin: Hello Chaman.

Chaman:  Hello Nitin. How are you today?

 Nitin: I am fine. How are you?


Chaman:  I am also fine. What are you doing?

Nitin: I just came back from the hospital.

Chaman:  Hospital?

Nitin: Yes my cousin got the coronavirus.

Chaman:  Oh my god! Is he okay?

Nitin: Yes he is fine now. But this corona thing has escalated a lot. I am so scared to step out of the house everytime

Chaman:  Yes I understand. Even I feel it is so risky to step out of the house.

Nitin: Yes. And people don’t even understand about the proper precautions and how to follow them.

Chaman:  Oh yes that is so true. Due to this reason only the cases are increasing at a fast rate.

Nitin: Yes. I hope this all settles down soon.

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Chaman:  Yes.

Sample Conversation 2

Trisha: Hi Mily

Mily: Hi Trisha. Are you attending the online lecture today?

Trisha: No I am so tired and my eyes hurt so much.

Mily: Yes me too.

Trisha: Due to this coronavirus the colleges are shut and we have to attend online lectures. The online really affect our health.

Mily: That is true. Till now we don’t have any update on the vaccine also. I am really worried about this situation

Trisha: Yes, me too. I just hope we all stay safe. You also take reactions whenever you need to go out.

Mily: Yes I am doing that. Okay I will talk to you later.

Sample Conversation 3

Aditya: Hey  did you see that Deepak got married?

Risabh: What? And during this escalated situation of covid-19?

Aditya: Yes even I am shocked. The cases are rising at such a large number and no one was even wearing mask in the photograph.

Risabh: That is so risky. He is a well-educated man. At least he should have taken proper precautions.

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Aditya: Yes that is what I was thinking. I hope he and his family are safe.

Risabh: Yes me too. We will call him tomorrow and ask about this.

Aditya: Okay that is a good idea.

Sample Conversation 4

Chavi: Hey Sunakshi

Sunakshi: Hi Chavi. Your father is doctor?

Chavi: Yes he works in the SMS hospital.

Sunakshi: Does go to work every day even in the covid situation?

Chavi: Yes he has to. He is working the covid ward. I am really scared for him and our family as we don’t when the virus can enter our body.

Sunakshi: That is true. I think your father is really brave doing this. With the increasing number of cases we really need good doctors to help the patients.

Chavi: Yes that is true.

Sunakshi: Can you give me your father’s number? Actually one of friends was experiencing some symptoms and he wanted to contact a doctor.

Chavi: Oh yes sure. 

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I hope this conversation writing between two friends about Covid 19 is helpful. Do let me know if you have any queries related to this writing by leaving a comment below the article. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.