Dialogue or Conversation Writing Between Doctor and Patient about Stomach Pain


Today, I’m going to share a couple of sample conversations between a Doctor, and Patient about stomach pain. So let’s get started.

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Sample Conversation 1

Doctor: Hello, Good morning. What can I do for you today?

Patient: Hello Doctor. I am not very well today.

Doctor: Come, sit and please tell me.


Patient: Doctor, I have a really bad stomach ache.

Doctor: Did you have motions yesterday?

Patient: No Doctor.

Doctor: Okay what else?

Patient: I vomited two-three times today and also had a very bad headache because of that.

Doctor: Did you take any medicine?

Patient: Yes doctor took a crocin.

Doctor: Any prescription of it?

Patient: No Doctor. I took it myself because of the headache.

Doctor: Okay. There is not much to worry about. I will give you a prescription of three days, and if still you don’t feel okay, please come get rechecked in after that.

Patient: Okay Thank you doctor.

Sample Conversation 2

Doctor: Come in come in.

(The patient enters.)

Doctor: Yes, tell me. What problems are you facing?

Patient: Doctor I am suffering from a stomach ache and I have been having motions since last night. I also feel like vomiting.

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Doctor: Okay. Did you have something unusual yesterday?

Patient: I had a little bit of roadside food.

Doctor: Then it could be because of that.

Patient: Yes doctor.

Doctor: It is possible that the food was contaminated or it did not suit you. You also look very dehydrated because of the loss of fluids. Drink enough water up to 10-12 glasses a day and take some energy drinks also. Fruit Juice is must and does not consume dairy products or caffeine.

Patient: Okay doctor. Anything else?

Doctor: Yes, please consume simple food and I am prescribing you a cou5rse of medicines for 3 days. Please come see me after that.

Patient: Okay. Thank you Doctor.

Sample Conversation 3

Doctor– Hello. How are you?

Patient– Hello doctor. I’ve been suffering from a little bit of stomach ache for the past couple of days. 

Doctor: Did you consume any street food or spicy foods recently?

Patient: I’ve only eaten homemade food.

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Doctor: Come, lie down. I’ll examine your abdominal region. Point out the areas where you’ve been experiencing pain.

Okay. Have you had any difficulties in your bowel movements? Any changes you’ve observed?

Patient: Yes, passing stool has been slightly painful.  And the stool has been dry and lumpy.

Doctor: And the frequency of stools? How often have you been going to the toilet?

Patient: Once every day.

Doctor: Okay. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s a mild case of constipation. I’ll be prescribing you some laxatives and painkillers for your stomach ache. You’ll have to consume a fiber rich diet from now on, eat salad with your meals and drink lots of water. Exercise more and you’ll be just fine.

Patient: Thank you doctor.

Sample Conversation 4

Doctor: Hello. How are you today?

Patient: Hello Doctor. My stomach has been hurting for the past few days. I also feel nauseous and my head hurts.

Doctor: Does it hurt throughout your abdomen, or is it just in one particular area?

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Patient: No, just here (patient points to region of pain)

Doctor: Is the pain constant or does it come and goes?

Patient: It comes and goes. It is sharp initially and then it dies down after a while.

Doctor: It is a severe stabbing pain or a dull one?

Patient: It’s dull mostly.

Doctor: Okay. I think it’s a mild infection and the discomfort you’re experiencing is mostly gastric, so no need to worry. I’m giving you a course of antibiotics and some pain killers. If the pain persists after 5 days then please come back for another consult. And eat light food like moong dal, khichdi and avoid oily and fried foods. Also, add exercise to your routine and drink lots of water.

Patient: Thank you.

That’s It:

So there you have it: Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient about Stomach Pain.

I hope you these examples help you.

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