Conversation or Dialogue Writing between Two Friends Discussing Their Future Plans

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This below dialogues will help you understand how a dialogue discussion is being written when the conversion is between two students for future plans.

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Sample Conversation 1

Happy: Hey Neeraj , how are you?

Neeraj: I am fine and what about you?


Happy: I am also fine. Have you planned what to do after the examination?

Neeraj: As I would like to study medical science, I will get admitted into a coaching center for further preparations.

Happy: Your plan is excellent. 

Neeraj:What have you planned for your future?

Happy: My future plan is to be a teacher.

Neeraj : That’s a fine idea too. Our younger generation needs good teachers.

Happy: I want to study English literature .I want to take admission to Dhaka University. 

Neeraj: I will also try at best to get admitted to Dhaka Medical College as this is the best one in the country. 

Happy: All the best Neeraj. 

Neeraj: Thankyou. Wish you the same. Good bye

Sample Conversation 2

Aman: Hey Rohan! How are you?

Rohan: Hi Aman. I am fine. How are you?  

Aman: I am also fine. Our 12th result is going to be out in a couple of days. What are your plans after 12th?

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Rohan: Actually I was planning to pursue fashion designing. I wish to get admission in this college in Lucknow. I am just waiting for the result.

Aman: Oh sounds nice!

Rohan: What have you planned?

Aman: Actually I was going to get admission in the journalism field in delhi university. My Mother is a journalist and that’s why I have always been interested in this field.

Rohan: Wow that is great!

Aman:  Okay I will see you soon.

Rohan: See you.

Sample Conversation 3

Kunal: Hey Tara! Where are you headed?

Tara: Hey! I was just going to meet my uncle. 

Kunal: Oh How come?

Tara: As you know our school is coming to an end and I want to pursue law after that. My uncle is a lawyer practicing in Jaipur High court So I wanted to meet him for some advice.

Kunal: That is great! I am willing to pursue law.

Tara: Oh I didn’t know that.  I will let you know about the information I get from my uncle.

Kunal: Okay great! Thank you so much.

Tara: Have you planned on which college you want to do law from?

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Kunal: Not yet! I am still looking at a few options. What about you

Tara: I will speak to my uncle and follow his advice for this. It is very confusing with so many colleges around.Bye Kunal!

Kunal: Goodbye Tara.

Sample Conversation 4

Ramesh: Hey Suresh! You look worried. Is everything fine?

Suresh: Yes. I was worried about our placements and career. Our college life will be over in a month and then we will have to enter the real world. I am worried about what if I don’t get a job?

Ramesh: Oh Suresh! Honestly Even I am worried about our future. I am confident about your skill sets. You are one of the top students of our college. You will get a good job.

Suresh: The job market is so unpredictable. I am very confused if I should pursue a job or go for masters.

Ramesh: Maybe, you can pursue masters after you work for a while.

Suresh: That’s a great idea. 

Ramesh: Yes. Please don’t worry. You are a brilliant student. Stay stress free.

Suresh: Okay. Thankyou Ramesh for your soothing words.

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There you have it: Dialogue Writing between Two Friends Discussing Their Future Plans.

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