Write a Dialogue Between Father and Son on the Value of Time


Are you searching for how to write a dialogue between father and son on the Value of Time? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right article. In this article I’m going to show you some sample conversation between father and son on the Value of Time, so let’s get started.

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Sample Conversation 1

Father: Good morning Son!!

Son: Good morning Papa.

Father: I hope you remember that your Board exams are coming up.


Son: Yes of course papa.

Father: Have you started preparing for it?

Son: Yes I have a little bit.

Father: Okay son But I think you should know that these exams are really important for you and you should devote more time towards it.

Son: Yes papa of course.

 Father: You should know the value of your time and how you are going to invest your time. I see you invest a lot of time in your phone. It is not bad but you should also distribute your time for your studies.

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Son: Yes Papa. I will take care of that.

Father: Okay son. I have to go now. Take care.

Son: You too, Papa.

Sample Conversation 2

Father: Hello son.

Son: Hello, Papa.

Father: You woke up really late today. Is everything okay?

Son: Yes, I just slept late last night as I was playing games.

 Father: Son I think you understand the value of your time very well by now and as a college student you should also give time to your studies as well as other activities.

Also staying up late can really harm your health.

Son: Yes Papa I understand that.

Father: It is good to enjoy games but I think you should understand how to use this precious year of your time as you are going to graduate soon.

Son: I realize that papa.

Father: That is a good son. I am telling, from personal experience, as to understand the value of your time. As this time is not going to come back and you might lose opportunities

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Son: Yes Papa. I understood really well.

Father: That is a great son.

Sample Conversation 3

Father: Hi Vijay.

Son: Hello Papa.

Father: How is your school going?

Son: It is good papa.

Father: Your mother tells me that you missed your bus today as well because you got late.

Son: Yes, I am sorry papa.

Father: It is okay son but you should understand the value of time.

Son: Yes Papa.

Father: Getting late once in a while is completely fine but you should not make it a habit and keep track of your time.

Son: Yes Papa I will do that.

Father: Also make sure to invest your time properly and also enjoy your day. I don’t want to lose any precious time.

Son: Okay Papa.

Father: If you face any problems you can always talk to me. Okay.

Sample Conversation 4

Father: Good morning Rahul.

Son: Good morning Father.

Father: When are your exams starting?

Son: After two weeks, Papa,

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Father: Okay. Start preparing then.

Son: I have.

Father: I did not see you studying today in the morning.

Son: I did Papa. You can ask your mother.

Father: Son, this time of your life is really important. This precious will decide your future and where you will go.

Son: Yes Papa I understand that.

Father: Every second of your time matters so please use it wisely. I don’t want you to regret anything afterwards.

Son: Yes Papa. I understood that. Thank you.

Father: Okay son. I will leave now. Take care. 

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