Conversation or Dialogue Writing between a Father and a Son about a Cricket Match


In this article, you are going to learn how to write a conversation between a father and a son about a cricket match. So let’s see.

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Sample Conversation 1

Father:  Good morning son! How are you up so early in the morning?

Son: Good Morning Papa! Actually I was going to play cricket with my friends.

Father: Oh I see. It seems like you like cricket a lot.


Son: Yes papa.  I wish to play cricket professionally.

Father: That is great! Which player is your favorite?

Son: My favorite is Dhoni Papa. He is the best.

Father: Oh I agree. Even I like him.

Son: Yes. His batting style is amazing.  You must remember the 2011 world cup. I just fell in love with him.

Father: Oh Yes I remember. That was one hell of a match. The tension was real. But sadly he is now retired.

Son: Yes. Okay I have to go Papa.

Father: Bye son!

Sample Conversation 2

Son: Papa come fast the match has started!!

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Father: Coming!

Son: It is so exciting. The first match for the world cup is India vs. Pakistan. I bet the whole India will be in front of the Television Right now.

Father:  I agree. Hey what do you think of the new player named Burma?

Son: Oh he is an amazing bowler right?

Father: Yes I hope he plays today because Pakistan’s team’s batsmen are good.

Son: Yes. See He just hit a six.

Father: Oh!!!

(After the match)

Son: That was a good match. I am so happy That India won.

Father: Yes the bowling by the Indian team was amazing. I hope they keep on playing like this.

Sample Conversation 3

Father: Hey son! What do you think of yesterday’s match?

Son: It was fine papa. Our team could have played better.

Father: Yes I agree. Their feeling was so slow.

Son: Yes true. Even their batting was good. But due to their slow fielding the other team scored more.

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Father: that is correct.

Son: I hope that I play better in the next match.

Father: Yes.

Sample Conversation 4

Father: Hey Son! Are you interested in cricket?

Son: Yes father. Why are you asking that today?

Father: I have tickets to tomorrow’s IPL final happening here in our city.

Son: Oh my god Papa! That is so exciting.

Father: Tomorrow is Rajasthan royals vs. Chennai super kings, right?

Son: Yes and you know I love the betting style of Chennai super kings and how Dhoni is an amazing captain.

Father: In the last match they played so well. Their fielding was amazing and the catch by dhoni on one shot was mesmerizing.

Son: Oh yes I remember.

Father: Tomorrow will be fun.

Son: Yes papa.

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