Dialogue or Conversation Writing Between Teacher and Student about Success


Today we will see how to write a conversation between Teacher and Student about success. So let’s get started.

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Sample Conversation 1

Teacher: Hello Rahul. How are you today?

Rahul: Hello sir. I am good thank you. How are you?

 Teacher: I am also fine. So you are graduating next week and soon you will be in the real world.


Rahul: Yes sir. I hope to get success there.

Teacher: Yes , success. Rahul what do you think about success?

Rahul: Sir, honestly, I think that the success of a person varies from person to person according to their idea of success.

Teacher: Yes that is very correct. I believe so. Some people are happy in a One BHK and for some even a Bungalow is not enough.

Rahul: Yes sir, exactly.

Teacher: In which do you want to achieve success in the world?

Rahul: Sir I come from a small family where we live in a rented house. I want to be successful enough to buy a house for my parents.

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Teacher: That is very thoughtful. I wish you very best.

Rahul: Thank you sir.

Sample Conversation 2

Teacher: Hello Sima. How are you?

Sima: Hello Ma’am. I am fine. How are you?

Teacher: I am also great. Sima no0w that you are going to get your diploma in dance from our academy. What do you want to pursue in future?

Sima: Ma’am I really want to be successful in the field of dance.

Teacher: How do you succeed?

Sima: Ma’am I have always been a big fan of Madhuri Ma’am and I just wish to work with her once. And also I wish to earn enough out of my talent to support my family.

Teacher: That is really nice though, Sima. I wish you all the best.

Sima: Thank you Ma’am.

Sample Conversation 3

Teacher: “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”. Neeraj have you heard this quote before?

Neeraj: Yes sir I have.

Teacher: So tell me what your idea of success is.

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Neeraj: Sir for me success is achieving the job which I love to do. I have seen so many people running behind jobs for money as they succeed but for me, I want a job which I can enjoy and enjoy my life.

Teacher: Wow that is a great thought. Even I never knew that teaching would be something I would do but today as a teacher I feel successful to enjoy every bit of it.

Neeraj: That is amazing sir.

Teacher: Yes. Thank you. I have to go now. Take care.

Neeraj: You too sir.

Sample Conversation 4

Nishant: Hi sir

Teacher: Hey Nishant. What is up with you?

Nishant: I don’t feel so good sir.

Teacher: Why?

Nishant: Sir I have been stuck at the same job for 5 years now and I no longer have the will to continue and every day seems a drag. This job is good money but I don’t see myself successful here in this job in the future.

Teacher: This feeling is complete alright Nishant. I think you will be happier in a job you will enjoy and you will be able to achieve the success you want as you will enjoy it.

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Nishant: Yes sir I get your point. But should I quit?

Teacher: If you feel that quitting will make you feel better and maybe help you achieve even something more useful then there is nothing wrong with it.

Nishant: Thank you so much for the advice sir.

Teacher:  You are welcome. 


There you have it: Conversation Writing Between Teacher and Student about Success.

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