Anchoring Script for Independence Day [With PDF]

By | May 1, 2022

In today’s session, you will learn how you can write anchoring scripts for independence day celebrations in some schools, clubs, or other organisations. 

Table of Contents

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Welcome speech

A welcome speech is an indispensable part of any anchoring script. But when it comes to writing anchoring scripts for some Independence Day celebrations, many things need to be considered. For being an issue of national pride, Independence Day is connected with many people’s emotions. That’s why one must be careful with opening his/her anchoring welcome speech in some independence day celebration.

Besides, different organisations need different types of welcome speeches. You can open your welcome speech with some popular and relevant quotes. Below, I will mention demo speeches for some kinds of popular institutions. 


For Educational Institutions

Good morning to our respected principal sir/ma’am, all teachers, non-teaching staff, and our students. Today is a day that even the basest of all human beings will remember without fail. Today is the 15th of August. Today is not just a date in our calendar marked in red as Independence day. It is much more, in fact. This is the day when the dreams of our valiant patriots and nationalists became fulfilled. Their dream of an independent India.

A constitution to call our own. Mine. Yours. Ours. No one foreign. No more bondage. No more jails and tortures. No more beatings and insensible gunshots in open daylight. But only the bliss of freedom. We have gathered as we are enjoying the happiness we received at the exchange of the bloodbath of 200 years. We also bow down today to those uncountable, unnamed souls who have bravely laid down their lives for our motherland. We salute them and say in chorus, Vande Mataram! 

For Local Clubs

Good morning everyone, on behalf of (club’s name). Today the sun is brighter. But not without reason. It is the sunshine after a long, long clouded gloomy century. Rather two centuries of Indian sky were overcast by inhuman colonial rule over the Indians. It might have been instigated by some of the countrymen themselves.

Today as we celebrate our Independence day, we are not just proudly declaring ourselves as free, but slapping hardest on the face of some traitors, who have been intrinsically responsible for our unreasonable bondage. We have won. We have fought, shed blood in every possible way, bore every torture they have inflicted us with, and finally, we have won. Our Gandhi, our Nehru, our Bhagat Singh, and our Netaji, all of us have been successful. Let us offer our prayers to them for those sacrifices made and over whose alters we are today free. Let us say in our rigid voices, Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

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For NGOs

Very good morning to our honourable chief guest (his/her name), our co-ordinator chief (his/her name), our associates, and all others who are present here today. Happy Independence Day to all of you. Saying that I am reminded of my grandfather, from whom I have gathered several unpolished truths about the British rule over our country.

I remember myself shuddering and often crying at the immoral tortures and pains, the plague, crisis, hunger, and death of millions of civilians, who actually had done no harm to anyone. And felt how horrific it became for them to let their sons and daughters out of the houses, where only the police forces were waiting for hunting those who were fighting for the independence of our country.

Our history books have always told of the stalwarts, and have fossilized the unnumbered unknown men and women whose bosoms wanted to break the chains of the motherland. This independence is the dream of one Nehru or Netaji pr Gandhiji, but thousands and thousands of such Mahatmas. We bow to them in reverence and observe a minute of silence for their brave souls. I will request all of you to stand up.

Flag Hoisting

Now I will request our principal sir/ma’am/honourable guest to come forward and hoist our national flag, our identity and let it soar the highest above all. Let us pay our tributes to our brave people and those foreigners who have loved our country just like their own.

After flag hoisting (Educational Institutions)

Now I will request our principal sir/ma’am (his/her name) to share with our students the necessity of observing today as neatly as any religious festival. Over to you sir/ma’am.

After flag hoisting (for NGO and local clubs)

Now I will request our honourable/chief guest to come upon the stage and share with us how memorable is this day for him/her and how he/she feels rooted more deeply every time the national anthem is heard or our national flag is hoisted. The stage is all yours.

Principal’s Speech (Educational institution)

Good morning to everyone who has gathered today here and is not merely idling away back at home considering today is just like any other Sunday. Today is indeed the most special day since it pertains to our identity. What I am trying to tell you all is especially for our younger generations since they are the most gullible.

They can be misguided and destroyed. Whenever you go out you can pose yourself today as modern, updated, social, and independent. Even without earning a penny, you all are today free citizens of India. How? It has been possible because some people with their daring hearts have decided to leap into this ocean of life and fetch freedom for their mother.

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They have forgotten that they are Hindus or Muslims or Christians. They have forgotten if they ate rice or chappati or idly. They have forgotten their language and spoken all together, Vande Mataram. It was their strength. A spur of their sentiments. And remember children, they did not have Facebook or Whatsapp to popularise themselves. They got special and immortal by spilling their blood, tearing themselves away from their homes, and serving the world.

Do you think that was ever easy with police hounding them like wolves? Never. And so today we with all amenities can still criticize the system. You are the future of that country that has decided not to accept bondage and slave away but continue to revolt till the sun rises. We are descendants of the Mahatma. We all can be a Mahatma. And for that, you need courage and faith in yourself. That is all. I believe in you all to break today the bondage of corruption India is facing. You can be that soul to remove this pain of motherland. Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached. Thank you.

Chief Guest’s Speech (for NGO/Local clubs)

Good morning everyone. It s always a great honour to share the stage on such an important day. Before arriving here I was just reminiscing about the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. Such a waste of humanity! But something different actually stroke me. India is a land of unity in diversity, and even in the freedom struggle, this diversity is apparent.

You will observe on the one hand we have the Ahimsa and Satyagraha of Gandhiji. On the other hand, we have the Swadeshi movements, the Boycott movements, and the revolts of Surya Sen, Binoy-Badal-Dinesh, Matangini Hazra, and Netaji. Both are different in temperament and execution, yet both are necessary. No one is responsible for independence. What mesmerizes me is this balance of war and peace. It is just mind-blowing.

The looting of the gun and shell factories paralleled the fasts observed by the people. Independence of our nation teaches us in fact this vital issue of balancing. India is a country for all. We can never deny the assimilation of several cultures and opinions here. India is a melting pot. You all are aware of several things. But today I want to remind you of this tolerance of different ways India has. Hence let us be her true children. Thank you so much.

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Song Performance

To pay our homage to the patriots let us now listen to a beautiful song that is to be performed by the students of our school/ Children of this area.

After song performance 

That was really heart-touching. Something rings that chord within our hearts and takes us back to our roots.

Fashion Show/Go-as-you-like (Educational Institutions)

Independence Day is the moment to instil national sentiments and respect for our countrymen in children. So, like every year, we have an event of go-as-you-like where little children have participated, dressed in several important figures of history. Let us call them up on the stage with applause.

After fashion show

That was so beautiful to see the young generation participate with such enthusiasm and confidence. Their faithful presentation is really praiseworthy.

Relief Distribution (Local clubs/NGO)

We want to utilize today with very simple help for the needy of the community. For that, I will request our chief guest (his/her name) to distribute this minimum supply of necessity to the people. 

Dance Performance/Play-acting (Educational Institutions)

After the fashion show let us now see what our dance/actors troupe has to portray about the indigo revolution in our country during the British rule.

After dance performance

The only thing that came to my mind after this is how terrific the reality was if a simple theatrical presentation of the truth is giving us goosebumps. A big round of applause for them.

Concluding Speech

We have finally arrived at the end of today’s program. It was excellent to see how so many of you have participated in this journey. It is noteworthy. Thank you so much for this assimilation. Let us now conclude today by singing our national anthem. Everyone, please join us Thank you so much. 


Note: This is a sample script meant to provide you with a basic idea of how to write an anchoring script for a dance performance. Feel free to use this script and edit it as per your needs.