Anchoring Script for World Environment Day [With PDF]


In this season, you will learn how you can write an anchoring script on Environment Day. So, let’s get started. 

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Welcome Speech for World Environment Day (For school/ Educational Institutions)

The environment is the biggest treasure of our life. It is not only just plants and animals but also human beings, the neighborhood, and the institutions which make up our character. Good morning to our respected principal sir/ma’am ( his/ her name), teachers, non-teaching staff, and all our students present here. Today is 5th June, World Environment Day, when the whole world rejoices to celebrate the environment where we are so intrinsic.

The environment is something that cannot be denied. Even the denial of the same will result in tremendous destruction. Recently the statistics show how pollution has increased. Because of this torture and negligence towards the environment that has resulted in our destruction. We are the children of nature and our first and foremost duty lies in the protection of mother nature. Without her air, sunlight, water, flora, and fauna it would have been impossible for us to thrive. Today’s celebration of this blessing of nature which we can never completely pay our debts. 

So let’s begin with our journey today. At first, we would begin with an inaugural song by the students of class (standard of the choir), who will dedicate this song to the essential duties of nature and how she is constantly fulfilling it. I would like to call them on the stage. 

Welcome Speech (For non-Educational Institutions)


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening to our honorable chief guest/ minister/ secretary ( his/her name), our important society members, and all are the participants present here. Today is 5th June, World Environment Day, which we specifically celebrate to honour the beauty that nature is. Every day when we wake up we see how nature plays a vital role in our life. From the wood that we use to make our bed to the water that we drink at the end of our night all belong to nature.

All are gifts of nature including human beings. The plants, animals, insects, and our neighbours, the climate, weather, and the landmass all are natural resources. The coal and petroleum beneath the soil, the strong water current that runs the turbine for electricity, and the pure air that we breathe in our parts of nature. So to celebrate nature we have gathered here today. We will begin our journey today with an inaugural song by (his/her name). 

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After the Welcome Song (For School or Educational Institution)

Thank you so much for this wonderful song. It describes so beautifully the essence of nature and how constantly she is at our help. We can never forget how nature is constantly serving us the purpose of our lives. I will thank the choir for this wonderful composition.

And now I will request our respected principal sir/ma’am ( his/ her name) share with us the importance of 5th June and how she feels to share her birthday on such a wonderful occasion. Sir/ ma’am, the stage is all yours.

After the Welcome Song (For Non-Educational Institutions)

It was a lovely song that describes how important nature is in our lives. I thank you heartily for this amazing presentation, ( his/ her name). 

Now I would request our chief guest/ minister/ secretary of ( the name of the institution), ( his/her name) to deliver a speech on this auspicious day. Before he/she comes upon the stage I would like to make a small introduction. ( His/her name) has been long associated with UNO organizations regarding natural care and ecosystem maintenance. He/she has done several campaigns and seminars regarding the preservation and conservation of natural wealth. He/she has even worked in the Sundarbans tiger conservation areas for the protection and preservation of wildlife. It is an honor to have him/ her between us today. I will request him/ her to come on the stage. 

After the Chief Guest’s Speech (For Schools or Educational Institutions)

Thank you so much sir/ma’am for this energetic speech. You can have your seat and enjoy the rest of the program with us. What sir/ ma’am said is so perfectly true. We always say that we need to respect nature. Yet in our practical life we hardly ever do so. How often do we plant a tree or protect one from being cut down? If we think deeply then we never actually do so and end up complaining that nature is getting polluted. It is our duty like all other national duties to look after our environment. 

And now we will proceed with our next performance. A semi-classical dance stage by (his/her name). A big round of applause for him/her.

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After the Chief Guest’s Speech (For Non-educational Institutions)

Thank you so much sir/ma’am for this boosting speech. It is always an honor to have you within us. Sadly enough sir/ma’am will not be able to continue this program with us because of his extremely busy schedule. We would honor him with a memento, sash, and a bouquet. I will request our head to hand over the honor to him/ her

And now we will move on with our next performance. It is a solo dance performance on semi-classical steps by one of our talented members (his/her name). A big round of applause for him/ her. 

After the Dance Performance (For Schools or Educational Institutions)

Thank you so much, (his/her name) for such a lovely performance. It’s truly magnificent to have you on different occasions. Your performance is quite blissful to lift our moods. 

When I was a child I remember my school organizing a specific event on 5th June. That was planting a seed or a sapling. Throughout the year we have to practice plantations. There were several classes where we learned the preservation and cleaning of a seed, how to properly sow the seed, and how to properly displace one sapling from one pot to another.

It was a meticulous and entertaining task to learn to care for nature. One such event has been organized today as well.  All of you will be given a packet of seeds, soil, and a pot. All you will have to do is to carefully plant the seed and write your name on the paper provided and stick it on the pot. These sports will be preserved in our school gallery and will be given back to the students once they have bloomed. So let’s start. 

After the Dance Performance (For Non-educational Institutions)

The dance was beautiful and quite charming in the way it showcased the beauty of nature. Thank you so much for this performance. You can have your seat. 

Now we will give a break to the continuous row of performances and move on to some activity. We have all been aware of how several places planting saplings and seeds are considered a noble profession. In European countries, in fact, due to the lack of greenery, many people encourage young children to participate in such planting programs. It not only increases our natural wealth but also makes green preservation a good habit among children.

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So today for the children of our society we have arranged something similar. All of you will receive a pot filled with soil, a seed, water, and a piece of paper. All you will do is plant the seed into the soil and water it adequately and then write your name on the paper and stick it on your pot. Once the sapling grows it will be returned to you for its care. So come on everyone, let’s do some quick planting. 

After the Planting Session (For Both Educational and Non-educational Institutions)

Now tell me everyone did you not enjoy this entire procedure? This has been the happiest experience of my life. Planting a small seed with the wish that it will one day grow into a plant is the biggest satisfaction of life. I hope all of you will enjoy this more once the plants start growing. 

For 5th June we organized a drawing competition a month ago with the theme “environment- our protector”. Many children have participated in it and all of them have drawn wonderfully. It was difficult to choose only some of them as winners. But it has to be done. Yet I will say do not be sad because your pictures will be on full display in our gallery for the next week. After that, it will be preserved with us or returned to you if you wish. So now I will declare the winners. The second runner-up is (his/her name), the first runner-up is (his/ her name), and the winner is (his/ her name). Congratulations to all of you. 

Ending Speech

Finally, we have arrived at the end of today’s program. It was wonderful to see so many of you participate and gather in the planting session and live by the idea that nature is our life. I wish that those who are here today will definitely take with themselves this moral of taking care of the green. With this note, I wish you all a good day. 

Note: This is a demo anchoring script on Environment day from which you can derive a basic idea of writing such scripts for any annual function. Feel free to customize this anchoring script as per your specific requirements.