Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Spend Diwali Vacation with You

By | April 30, 2022

Even a couple of decades back, letters used to be the primary medium to maintain contact and interact with people. Based on the purpose, letters were categorized into different categories. Letters, which were written for personal interaction, came to be known as informal/personal letters.

In recent times, the tradition of writing personal letters has become obsolete due to technological advancements. But from an examination point of view, informal/personal letters are still relevant for many kinds of English comprehension tests.

In today’s session, you will learn how to write letters to your friend inviting him to spend Diwali vacation with you. So, without further introduction, let’s get started.

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Example 1

Question: On the occasion of Diwali, a Puja is going to be organised in your house this year. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to this Puja ceremony on the Diwali vacation.

Hints: In-house Kalipuja in Diwali- Effect of pandemic- Request to join ceremony- Invitation to the family- Conclusion

Barin Ghosh Street, Kathgodam
Kolkata: 700012

September 2, 2020

Dear Ranjan,

It has been almost six months since I haven’t received a letter from you. How’re you doing nowadays? Is everything alright?

By the way, this year’s Diwali is coming within a month. As you know that every year we celebrate Diwali with Kalipuja in our house, this year is not an exception too. But due to the pandemic, we had to shorten the ceremonial plans. However, I am writing this letter to tell you that you must come to our house and join us in the ceremony. Every year we celebrate this Diwali vacation together and I want this year not to be an exception to that. So, no matter what happens, you must come. How are Uncle and Aunt doing? Please tell them that I have earnestly requested them to come to our house along with you. I, with my entire family, will be waiting for your arrival. 

And why aren’t you writing to me for six months? We all are extremely worried about you. Please let us know about you in your next letter. 

Your dear friend,
Animesh Baidya

Example 2

Question: Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your house to celebrate this year’s Diwali vacation with you.

Hints: Plans for Diwali vacation- Invite your friend- Activities for Diwali days- Conclusion

2/61 Mukundapur
South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

June 23, 2021

Dear Ruchira,

I just have received the last letter you wrote to me. We all are doing well. How are you all? 

In the letter, you asked me about my plan for the upcoming Diwali vacation. Honestly, till now, I have no plan for the vacation at all. You told me that you are also thinking of planning the Diwali vacation. I was thinking, why don’t you come to my house with your family and we celebrate this Diwali together. My parents were also asking me to invite you. It’s been almost a year you haven’t come to our house along with uncle and aunt. How are they doing by the way? Do they have any specific plans for this Diwali? If not, please consider coming to our house. Here we can visit many pandals and go for dinner in Restaurants. And, we could even celebrate the evening with beautiful firecrackers. 

No, this time I will not listen to any excuses like last year. You must come. I will be waiting for your next letter. Take love and regards for the upcoming Durgapuja. 

Your loving friend
Ashit Agarwal

Example 3

Question: You are planning a trip to a hill destination this Diwali. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join you on this trip in the upcoming Diwali vacation. 

Hints: Planning trip for Diwali vacation- Trip to a hill station- Plan of this trip- Time and place- Invite to join- Activities in the trip- Conclusion

11 Andul Road, Dakshinpara

February 18, 2021

Dear Ratul,

In your last letter, you have written that you are thinking about planning a trip for this year’s Diwali vacation. You may be surprised to know that I was also planning a trip for the vacation. I am writing this letter to tell you about that trip. 

It has been many days since we have not visited any hill destination. So, my father was planning a trip to Darjeeling for this year’s Diwali vacation. It is supposed to be a 5 days trip and we are planning to start from Sealdah station by a day before Diwali. Darjeeling is my all-time favourite. Why don’t you also join us on this trip! I was talking to my father about it. He said that it’ll be great if you join us. Please ask your mom and dad too. We can have a great time on the lap of the queen of hills. Imagine, we can ride toy trains, ropeways and enjoy special local foods!

Let me know your opinion on this as soon as possible. I will be waiting for your next letter. Take my love and best regards. 

Your best friend,
Sabina Khatun

Example 4

Question: Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join you in this year’s Diwali vacation as you are planning to explore the nightlife around the city.

Hints: Plan to explore city’s nightlife- All friends are excited- Didn’t hear from you- Plans for the night- Permission from parents- Conclusion

88/7, East Station Road,
Kolkata: 700110

December 11, 2020

Dear Supratim,

How are you doing nowadays? It’s been a long time I haven’t received a letter from you. How are your parents?

This year’s Diwali is coming within a couple of months. Hopefully, you remember our plan for this year’s Diwali when we met last time. If not, I want to remind you that we have planned to explore the nightlife of our city in this year’s Diwali. Everyone else has already written to me in this regard. We all are very excited to experience how the city spends its nights. But none of us has heard from you. We all have already taken permission from our parents. If your parents are not agreeing with the plan, please let us know. We can request them to consider it. Or have you planned anything else for this Diwali?

Please let us know about your plans for this year’s Diwali vacation. All of us will wait for your next letter. Take love.  

Best wishes and regards,
Arindam Ghosh

That was all about our presentation on writing personal letters to your friend inviting him to spend Diwali vacation with you. In the session above, I have tried to present the context from four different aspects. Hopefully, after going through this session, you will be able to write such letters on any topic related to this context. If you still have any doubts, post them in the comment section below. I will try to resolve all your doubts as soon as possible.

Moreover, if you want us to cover any specific topic related to English comprehension, mention that too. Let us know your valuable opinion about your initiative through some quick comments. And, if you want to read more such sessions on English comprehension tests, take a tour of our website. 

Thanks for being with us. See you again, soon.

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