Write a Letter to Your Friend in a Boarding School Describing How You Celebrated Children’s Day


Children’s day celebration is one among the hot topics that are generally chosen as the primary context for many English comprehension tests. Children’s day celebration is such a vast topic that it can be used as context for both official and informal letters.

We have published several sessions of English comprehension tests on our website based on this context. You can check our website to read them. In this session, you are going to learn how to write a letter to your friend in a boarding school describing how you celebrated children’s day. Hopefully, you are going to find this session very helpful for your upcoming test.

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Example 1

Question: One of your friends stays in boarding school. Write a letter to him/her explaining your experience of the last children’s day you celebrated. Make use of the hints given below. 

Hints: Participated in a program- Whole day agenda- Gifted food and clothes- Literacy campaign- Basics of education- Your feeling- Conclusion

Abin Mitra Street, Bishnupur
Kolkata: 700012


November 23, 2020

Dear Ranjan,

In the last letter you wrote to me, you mentioned your experience with the children’s day celebration in your boarding school. My experience at this year’s children’s day celebration was very good as well. I am writing this letter to talk about my experience. 

This year, on the occasion of Children’s day I participated in a program from my coaching class. Under the program, we went to the slum area near our locality with a whole day’s agenda. By the morning we reached there, we distributed chocolates and food among the poor children. And we also gifted them some clothes for the upcoming Christmas. After this, we launched a month-long literacy campaign under which we are going to teach them the basics of the language, mathematics, and science. 

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It was such a beautiful experience of being able to do something for children who needed it. How are you going by the way? Is all your studying going well? Let me know your opinion about this participation of mine in your next letter. Take love and regards.

Your dear friend,
Animesh Baidya

Example 2

Question: One of your friends from boarding school has written to you to know about your last children’s day celebration. Write a letter to him/her in this context making use of the following hints. 

Hints: Programs and competition organised- Participated- Your experience of competition- Ranking- Awards- Conclusion

2/61 Santoshpur
South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

November 21, 2021

Dear Ruchira,

I have just received the last letter you wrote to me. There you asked me about my experience of the last Children’s day around a week ago. 

For me, it was such a pleasant experience. First of all, it was my holiday from school. A program was launched from our local club and I have participated in the program. A cultural competition was organised by the senior members of the club. I took part in the drawing, recitation, and debate competitions. You know this is the first time I have participated in any debate competition. It was a mesmerising experience. Initially, I was indeed quite afraid. But with time, all my fear was blown away. I ranked 3rd in the recitation and 2nd in the debate competition. They awarded me with two books. 

What do you think of this program? And how was your children’s day? By the way, have you participated in debate competitions? How is your experience? Let us know in your next letters. Take my love and regards.

Your loving friend
Ashit Agarwal

Example 3

Question: Write a letter to your friend who resides in a boarding school describing your participation in the children’s day function organised by your school. 

Hints: A 1st-time program from school- Significance of children’s day- Film show- Lunch- Storytelling sessions- Cultural function- Your participation- Conclusion

11 Binoy Kumar Sarani, Purbapally

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November 18, 2021

Dear Ratul,

It’s been many days since I have not received any letter from your side. How are you? All of us miss you a lot since you have gone to boarding school. You know, last week I had a beautiful experience on Children’s day. 

This year, a program was organised by our school on the occasion of children’s day. This is the first time our school has organised a program on this day. It was a day-long function. All of the students of our school including me participated in the program. First, after reaching the school our headmaster delivered a speech about the significance of the children’s day celebration. Then the school authority organised a film show for the children in the school auditorium. After the film show ended and we had our lunch, we went for storytelling sessions. A cultural program solely attended by students was the last show of the day. I have also recited poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam in the program. 

How did you spend your children’s day this year? I will be waiting for your next letter. Take my best wishes and regards. 

Your best friend,
Sabina Khatun

Example 4

Question: You have recently participated in some voluntary work with an NGO on the last children’s day. Write a letter to one of your friends describing your experience with this participation. 

Hints: Program from NGO- Participated- Procession against child labour- Make people aware- Importance of education- Ill effects of child labour- Your experience- Conclusion

88/7, East Station Road,
Kolkata: 700110

November 19, 2020

Dear Supratim,

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In your last letter, you wanted to know if I have ever participated in any voluntary work from NGOs. Through this letter, I wanted to let you know that just last week I participated in voluntary service with an NGO on the occasion of Children’s day.

I have spent this year’s children’s day in a unique way. I signed up to participate in a day-long voluntary work with an NGO named Surya Uday. Under this organisation, we first went out on a procession holding placards to spread awareness against Child Labour. Then we went to the nearest slums of our locality, where we tried to make people aware of the importance of education and told them why it’s harmful to children to get involved in hazardous industries. It was so sad to know that many of the area’s children work in such industries. 

What is your opinion about the menace of child labour? Write to me about your views on this context in your next letter. I will be waiting. 

Best wishes and regards,
Badal Kumar Ghosh

That was all about our presentation on writing letters to your friend in a boarding school describing how you celebrated children’s day. I hope this session was able to clear all your doubts regarding this topic and you will be able to write such letters on your own.

Don’t forget to push your own idea into your letters. But if you still have any doubts, you can always post them in the comment section below the session. I will attend them as soon as possible. Besides, if you want me to cover any specific topic of English comprehension, mention that too. Let us also know your valuable opinion about this session through some quick comments. 

Thank you for being with us. See you again, soon.