Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing a Fire in a Multi-Storeyed Building in Your Neighborhood


Despite the decreasing popularity, personal letters are still important for students from an examination point of view. Personal letters are used to be written to maintain regular contact and to inform someone about some specific issue.

In today’s session, you are going to learn how to write letters to your friend describing a fire in a multi-storeyed building in your neighbourhood. Hopefully, you will find this session relevant for your next English comprehension test. 

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Example 1

Question: Recently you have witnessed a multi-storeyed building catching fire in your neighbourhood. Write a letter to your friend explaining your experience in this context.

Hints: Residential building caught fire- Heavy smoke- 3 fire brigade engines- Took 6 hours to control- 4 died, many injured- Short circuit- Unforgettable incident

Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Baranagar
Kolkata: 700139


August 12, 2020

Dear Koustav,

It’s been a long time that I haven’t received any letter from you. How are you? Recently, I have witnessed a building catching fire in my neighbourhood. I am writing this letter today, to share this horrific experience with you. 

It is a seven storeyed residential building around two lanes away from our house. Last week, on Saturday evening that building caught fire. I was then coming back from my coaching class when I noticed heavy smoke coming out of one of the building’s windows. I immediately asked my father about the incident and he told me that the building had caught fire. 3 engines of the city fire brigade came, and it took around 6 hours to control the fire completely. Unfortunately, 4 persons have died in this incident and many are injured. After primary investigation, the police are saying that it’s a result of a short circuit. 

Till after witnessing the incident, it started haunting me every day. I will never forget this event in my entire life. Take care, and be safe.

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Your dear friend,

Example 2

Question: Recently a massive fire broke out in a multi-storeyed building in your neighbourhood. Write a letter to your friend explaining how the fire started and how the fire brigade controlled it. 

Hints: Multi-storeyed marketplace- Massive fire broke out- Midnight fire- Fire-brigade came soon- No control till the morning- No injury- Old shops destroyed- Short-circuit according to police- Man-made according to locals

2/61 Barakhola Road, Ruby
North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

September 26, 2021

Dear Sreerupa,

It’s been many days since I didn’t hear from you. How are you doing nowadays? Recently, in our neighbourhood, a multi-storeyed building caught on fire. I am so much shocked by this incident that I want to share my experience with you today in this letter. 

It is basically a multi-branded marketplace. Around 1 am at midnight, the fire broke out and almost the entire building got destroyed in the massive fire. 6 engines of the fire brigade came to the spot within 30 mins, but they couldn’t control the fire till even the morning. By 9 am in the morning, around 50 firefighters became able to control the fire. Fortunately, nobody was injured as the fire broke out at midnight. Only two old shops got burnt.  

From primary investigation, the police are suspecting some major short circuit as the reason for this massive fire break out. Still, some people are thinking that it is a man-made disaster. What do you think of it? Let me know in your next letter.

Your loving friend
Amitayu Chakraborty

Example 3

Question: Your friend has wanted to know about one horrific experience of your life. Write a letter to your friend describing the horrific fire you have once witnessed in a multi-storeyed building in your neighbourhood. 

Hints: Year old incident- Multi-storeyed building caught fire- Gas cylinder burst- Noticed smoke while coming back from school- Crowd and fire-brigade- Shouting and mourning- 11 died- Horrific scene- Conclusion

87/C RN Tagore Road, South Tarapukur

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February 11, 2021

Dear Arijit,

In the last letter you wrote, you told me about a horrific incident in your life and wanted to know one of mine. In this letter, I want to recall the horrific fire I once witnessed in one of our neighbourhood buildings.

The incident occurred a year ago. I was just returning from school when I heard a tremendous noise of shouting and mourning from our locality. Besides, I noticed heavy smoke coming out of a multiple-storeyed residential building in our neighbourhood. A huge crowd along with 3 engines of the fire brigade was gathered in front of the house. As soon as I saw the fire-workers and smoke, I understood that fire had broken out in the building. 

After 5 hours of continuous attempts, the fire brigade became able to control the fire. But unfortunately, 11 people died in this disaster. I can never forget the scene of those dead bodies coming out of the building carried by fire workers. According to the police, it was an incident of a gas cylinder burst. For me, it was the most horrific incident I have ever witnessed in my entire life. 

Your best friend,
Altaf Hossein

Example 4

Question: A government office building in your neighbourhood caught fire recently. Write a letter to your friend describing your assumption about the reasons behind this fire and discuss how it could be prevented. 

Hints: Government office under fire- Everywhere in news- 10 fire-brigade engines- Took 16 hours to control- Dangerous condition of electric-wires- Lack of preventive measures- Government must rethink about the maintenance- Preventive measures are required 

88/7, East Station Road,
Kolkata: 700110

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December 11, 2020

Dear Rehan,

Till now, perhaps you have already seen in the news that a multi-storeyed government office in our area had caught massive fire. I am writing this letter to share my assumptions about the reasons behind this horrific incident.

I think there is no need to explain anymore how massive the fire was as you have already watched it in the news. Around 10 fire-brigade engines became able to control the fire after 16 hours of a continuous battle against the massive fire. I think, short-circuit was the primary reason behind this massive fire. I always noticed that many electric wires used to hang dangerously here and there inside the building. Police are also suspecting the short-circuit as the reason behind this. Moreover, a lack of proper fire-extinguishing measures is also a reason behind this massive fire. 

I think the government must rethink maintaining the electric wires properly and install proper fire-extinguishing measures at least after this incident. 

Best wishes and regards,

That was all about my presentation on writing personal letters to your friend describing a fire in a multi-storeyed building in your neighbourhood. In the session above, I have tried to discuss the context from four different aspects through different examples.

I hope all your doubts regarding this topic have been resolved after going through this session. But if you still have any doubts, let me know in the comment section below. I will try my best to address your doubts soon. Also, let us know your valuable opinion on this initiative. If you want me to cover any specific topic of English comprehension, mention that too through some quick comments. To read more such sessions, take a tour of our website.

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