Write a Letter to Your Cousin Describing Your Visit to the Dentist [With PDF]


Today in this article, I am going to show you how to compose letters describing your visit to the dentist. These examples will help you to write such letters whenever you are asked to. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the examples below now.

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Example 1

Question: You have been suffering from a lot of oral health recently due to the overconsumption of chocolates. You had to go for a check-up to your dentist. Write a letter to your cousin describing your visit to the dentist and how you can prevent this damage in the future.

Hints: The reason for your visit to the dentist- Your experience at the clinic- The guidelines given by the doctor- How to take care of your oral health

24 Sundar Nagar
Mumbai 400002

March 02, 2021


My dear Cousin,

I hope you are doing well. I am sad to inform you that I am not in good health at all.

You know how much I love to eat chocolates. Despite mom’s warnings I continued to have two bars of chocolates every day and now I am suffering the consequences.

Yesterday I went to visit the dentist and he said that I am having cavities in my teeth. I must say the visit was not pleasant at all. I was really scared of all the tools that he inserted in my mouth. He has told me not to eat chocolates anymore and also to brush my teeth two times a day. I need to visit him once again after two weeks.

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I wish you do not have to go through and that is why please start taking care of your oral health. I will write to you again soon.

Yours lovingly,

Example 2

Question: Your cousin invited you for her birthday but you had an appointment with the dentist on that day. Write a letter to your cousin describing your visit to the dentist and why you had missed her birthday.

Hints: Reasons for missing her birthday- Why had to go to the dentist- Instructions by the dentist- Your plans to meet your cousin

34 Janakpuri
Delhi 110012

March 05, 2021

My dear Cousin,

I hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed it to the fullest. I feel really sorry that I could not be present on your birthday as I had an appointment with my dentist.

Lately I was having a lot of teeth ache and the pain got so much severe that I had to visit the dentist. Sadly the appointment got scheduled for your birthday. But I must say the visit was really necessary. He advised me to wash my mouth with warm water after every meal. Also, he prescribed some medicines to reduce the ache. He assured me that within a week I would be relieved from the pain. Once I get well I will visit you along with your birthday gift.

Please share how you enjoyed your birthday. Take care of yourself and lots of love for you.

Yours affectionately,

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Example 3

Question: Your cousin’s sister recovered from a recent injury but your tooth broke as you fell down from the stairs. Write a letter to your cousin describing your visit to the dentist and your wishes for her recovery.

Hints: How your cousin hurt herself- What precautions she must take- Your injury and your experience at the dentist’s clinic

45 College Street
Kolkata 700046

March 16, 2021

My dear Cousin Riya,

I am glad to know that you have recovered from your knee injury and now you have resumed school once again. Although I would advise you not to play basketball soon.

Just as you were careless about your health and hurt yourself severely while playing, I too have hurt myself. I fell down from the stairs and I broke one tooth. I was really scared when I saw blood in my mouth and my mom immediately took me to the dentist. He gave me a sedative to calm my pain for a while. Then he uprooted the tooth completely. It would take a few days to heal completely. But I think I need to transplant a new tooth there. I will be joining school next week.

I will keep you updated about my health. Till then please look after yourself and be extra careful.

Yours lovingly,

Example 4

Question: Your cousin loves to eat sweets. But you have suffered from a lot of tooth problems and you want to warn her. Write a letter to your cousin describing your visit to the dentist and how she can have healthy gum.

Hints: Your reasons to visit the dentist- Dentist’s suggestions- Precautions she must take to prevent

24 Gandhi Nagar,
Bangalore 560003,

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Feb 19, 2021.

My dear Cousin, 

I just received your letter yesterday. From your letter, I understood that you have been indulging in a lot of sweets lately. Let me share my story with you so that you too would be cautious.

I also had a sweet tooth like you and used to eat a lot of candies, sweets, etc. But slowly it started damaging my teeth. I had to visit the dentist on a regular basis to cure my teeth. He gave me a few medicines and advised me to stop eating any kind of sweet food. He also suggested brushing my teeth twice a day. Now I only have a monthly check-up session with my dentist.

I hope my experience will make you realise the importance of oral health and you too would reduce your sweet intake. Take care of yourself. I will be waiting for your reply.

Yours affectionately,
Supriya didi

Here I showed you the examples of letters written to cousins describing a visit to the dentist. I hope you loved the session and I am sure this is going to help you a lot. Please comment down below what you liked the most about this article and any other thoughts. Do come back for such amazing articles on our website. Let us know what other topics you want us to cover next. We have got your back.