Write a Letter to Your Brother Congratulating Him on His Success in the Examination


Today’s session is all about congratulating your brother on his success. I have shown you how you can write a letter to your bother who has achieved success in the examination or in a competition.

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Set 1

Question: Your brother has done an outstanding performance in his first Board Examination. Write a letter in about 150 words congratulating him on his success.

Hints: Congratulate him- Share your feelings after receiving the news- Acknowledge his hard work- Give your blessings

A 76 B.P.Road,

May  12, 2021.


Dear brother,

Your letter reached me on time. My heart is filled with joy and pride to know you have secured the first position in the state in your class X Board Examination.

I am exalted to know that you have scored 497 out of 500. No one in the family had such an outstanding performance before. You have added a feather to the entire family cap. You deserve every happiness on the earth. I have seen you working hard on yourself round the clock to reach where you have reached today. I have shared the news with my hostel friends and they are also surprised at your score. Everyone is congratulating you on your success. I am proud to be your elder sister. May every success kiss your feet in every sphere of life.

I am sending you the book “Wings of Fire” by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam as a small token of love and appreciation. My blessings are always with you.

Yours lovingly,
Elder sister.

Set 2

Question: Your brother has always aspired to be a classical dancer. Finally, he has achieved success in it. Write a letter to your brother congratulating him on his success.

Hints: Congratulate him- Recall the old days- Show your feelings on his success- Encourage him for prioritising his hobby

16 D, Sarojni Nagar,
Delhi- 110001,

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March 23, 2022

Dear Brother,

I hope the letter finds you in a vibrant spirit. From your letter I came to know you have received a fellowship from a famous Dance troupe in India for your excellence in dancing.

From a young age, I have seen your zeal for dance and drama. I can still recall those old days when I used to take you to various dance competitions and you have never disappointed us with your performance. Remember, how excited you were on your first day in the dance institution? I feel proud that you have shown how one”s burning desire can bring massive success. You have set the example that hobbies can be your full-time career. Not only academics but co-curricular activities which are often neglected by parents can bring success.  Amidst all the happiness, I am a bit sad for not being there with you in your success.

Best wishes for the days ahead. I shall meet you once my exams get over. Take care of yourself and convey my regards to all the family members.

Yours lovingly
Reena Di

Set 3

Question: Your brother hit success in his examination after crossing many hurdles. Write a letter, congratulating him on his success.

Hints: How you have received the news- Congratulate him- Share your emotions- Highlight how his success inspires you

70 S.C.Road,
Kolkata 700047,
June 8, 2021.

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Dear Brother,

The television set has brought a piece of good news for me. While surfing the channels I got stuck in one news channel because I heard your name being announced in the list of top 10 students of the Higher Secondary Board Examination 2021.

Your success is an inspiration to me. From being an ordinary student to taking place among the rank holders is not a piece of cake. The days you struggled with mathematics are still in front of my eyes. The proverb, “Practise makes a man perfect” suits you the best.

You have proved that no obstacle is hard enough to stop you from achieving your goal. A person with the right attitude and consistent effort can rise to the pinnacle of success. A whole wide world of opportunities is waiting for you. Choose what you love and what suits you the most. I am always there with you in every walk of your life.

My best wishes and always remember I am lucky to have a brother like you. Convey my regards to father and mother. Assure them I am doing well here.

Your loving brother,

Set 4

Question: Your brother has come second in the All India Art Competition. Write a letter o congratulate him on his success.

Hints: Congratulate him for his success- How you felt receiving the news- Tell him how proud you feel for him-a little advice

D 11, Whitefield,
Bangalore- 560001,

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July 14, 2021.

Dear Brother,

I am dancing in joy to receive the news that you have secured the second position in the All India Drawing Competition 2021. I was as tense and excited as you about the result.

All your hard work has finally paid off. You are always my favourite artist but now I can proudly say to the world that you are one of the finest artists in the country. I am sure that very soon you will be counted among the greatest artists in the world.

Your little hands creating magic one after one has always mesmerised our family and friends. On your success, I would also like to congratulate our parents for always supporting you to pursue your passion for drawing. I also appreciate that you have always created a balance between academics and your hobby. May you continue to be a successful person in your life.

Don’t let success go to your head. Keep up your hard work. I am there to support you whenever you need me. My love to you and convey my regards to mother and after.

Your loving sister,

I hope that besides learning how to write a letter congratulating someone, today’s session has also inspired all of you to become successful in life. We try our best to help you to develop your writing skills. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Your comments are valuable to us and also help us to serve you better.