Write a Letter to the Editor Showing Your Concern about Careless Attitude of Public During Covid-19


The lesson of writing editorial letters can be very significantly useful for a person’s life. Be it any kind of career, knowing how to write editorial letters always adds a few extra points in the interview. Besides, for all English language examinations, editorial letter writing is one of the most popular comprehension tests. But, many students get confused when it comes to editorial letter writing.

Moreover, editorial letters are closely connected with current socio-political issues & events and daily facing problems. So, today we have picked up such an issue of careless attitude of the public during covid-19 to write editorial letters that will hopefully clear all your doubts about the issue. 

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Example 1

Question: The entire world has been severely hit by the covid-19 pandemic. Suppose you recently noticed many people not following proper covid norms in your locality despite being in a red zone. Write a letter to the editor of popular news daily explaining this very issue.

Hints: Highlight primary issue- The government declared red zone- People gathering- Not wearing masks- Authority Should Take Steps

South Station Road, Andulpara
Behrampur, Murshidabad


June 27, 2019

The Editor
The Telegraph
1, Chowringhee Squire
Kolkata- 700001

Subject: Careless people in Covid red zone


I am a resident of the Andulpara suburban area situated in the Murshidabad district. I regularly follow your news daily and today writing this letter to you to bring under your kind concern that in this ongoing pandemic situation despite being in a red zone many people in our area are hardly following the covid-19 guidelines. 

The covid-19 pandemic is hitting our world in a quite severe way since 2020. In such a situation, all the governments around the world are trying their level best to deal with this severe crisis. The government has declared our area as a Red zone because of a sudden spike in covid cases from our locality. But as I previously have written that many people are being very careless about the covid norms. They are going out of their houses now and then and gathering as nothing happened at all. Hardly anybody is wearing even a single mask where double masking is the norm. 

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Through this letter in your esteemed daily, I would like to request the responsible authority to take immediate steps regarding this issue otherwise all our lives will be in danger. 

Yours sincerely,
Babulal Shah

Example 2

Question: Suppose you are a social worker fighting the battle with covid-19 from the field. Write a letter to the editor of a popular daily newspaper about your concern for the careless attitude of the public during the pandemic.

Hints: Highlight primary issue- Explain your social work sector- People are careless- Not following covid guidelines- Government should step in.

2/1, Behala Road
Kolkata 700096

June 09, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India 
7/2 Chandni Chowk
Kolkata- 700012

Subject: Carelessness among the educated urban population


I am a regular reader of your esteemed news daily, writing this letter today to highlight the issue of careless attitude of people during this pandemic situation. 

Initially, I would like to let you know that since the pandemic began, I’m working under an NGO to offer necessary help and assistance for or helpless people like workers from unorganized sectors, migrant labourers, etc. During this one year of my work experience, I have noticed that they are quite careful about following the covid norms if we make them aware of these. But, our so-called educated urban people are quite careless about the covid guidelines. In my own locality I have seen people not wearing masks while going outside, gathering here and there without any intention, and most importantly showing rages if their careless attitude is questioned. This approach must stop immediately. Through this carelessness, they are not only exposing themselves to the virus but also the chances of more severe infection is increasing.

The government should come forward immediately to control these people. Besides, extensive public awareness programs are the need of the hour. 

Yours sincerely,
Shoumojit Mondal

Example 3

Question: Suppose you are working as a medical professional during the covid-19. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper expressing your concern about the careless attitude of people during the pandemic. Add comments on how this carelessness can lead to a larger disaster in the future.

Hints: Work as a medical professional- Deal with hundreds of people- People are panicked but careless- Not following covid regulations- Human-to-human transmittable disease- Approach people to follow Covid norms. 

11/1, Garbeta Road, Basirhat
North 24 Parganas

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July 18, 2021

The Editor
The Statesman
24, Gariahat Main Road
Kolkata- 700019

Subject: Careless attitude means more cases


I am a resident of Basirhat, in the North 24 Parganas district working as a healthcare professional in the Covid care department of the district hospital. Today I am writing this letter to your esteemed daily expressing my concern about the careless attitude of people during this ongoing pandemic.

Due to my current profession daily I deal with hundreds of people in the hospital as well as outside the hospital premises. One common attitude I have noticed among people is the carelessness regarding the pandemic. People who come with severe Covid-19 symptoms are quite panicked but still careless. Inside the hospital, they are bound to wear masks but people I deal with outside the hospital hardly follow the guidelines of wearing masks, sanitizing their hands, and properly using handkerchiefs. Covid-19 is a highly human-to-human transmittable disease. This attitude of people can lead to a more severe crisis. 

Through this letter in your esteemed daily, I would earnestly request the people to follow the covid-19 regulations, otherwise panic will no longer be a safeguard.

Yours sincerely,
Roman Chakraborty

Example 4

Question: Suppose the government has recently passed an ordinance to enforce the disaster management regulations to deal with the people who are being careless about the covid norms during the pandemic. Write a letter to the editor of a popular weekly magazine expressing your opinion on this step.

Hints: Government passed an ordinance- Careless attitude of people- Punish the people according to law- Will help to control covid

7/7, Nityanandapur Road
Kolkata 700107

June 25, 2021

The Editor
The Frontline Magazine
33, Noida City Centre
Delhi- 100115

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Subject: Government passed an ordinance to enforce disaster management law


Finally, the Central government has passed an ordinance to enforce the regulations under disaster management law. In this letter, I will be evaluating this move based on its capability to tackle the careless attitude of people during covid-19.

According to experts, the government should have passed this ordinance a long way back. Basically, this ordinance gives power to the government to enforce the disaster management law or and to punish those individuals who are not following covid-19 guidelines by the government. Under this law, individuals can be penalized or arrested or both or detained on the ground of not following covid norms. Since the pandemic broke out and the government came out with specific covid guidelines, a trend of not following these norms has been noticed. This careless attitude of people led to a huge surge in covid cases in many areas. 

Considering this scenario, the enforcement ordinance by the government is always welcome. Hopefully, this will help to tackle the careless attitude of people and stop this massive transmission of the virus. As it is always said, prevention is better than cure. 

Yours sincerely,
Pawan Kumar Das

That was all about my presentation on writing editorial letters on showing concern about the careless attitude of the public during covid-19. In this session, I have tried to cover the topic from four different aspects. Besides, I’ve also tried to present the issue from different perspectives to help you out in various kinds of examinations. Hopefully, you have found this session helpful to your criteria. If so, then let us know your valuable opinion in the comment section below. Your opinion is valuable to us. We always try to improve our writing based on your suggestions. Besides, if you want to have such sessions on any other specific topic, let us know that too.

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