Write a Letter to the Editor about the Importance of Afforestation

By | June 27, 2021

We all know that editorial letter writing is one of the most essential English comprehension tests we must need to learn in order to sustain any kind of quality career options. Besides, for students learning to write editorial letters is an indivisible part of their academics.

Here on this website, we discuss such important comprehension tests and editorial letter writing is one among them. Editorial letters are generally written on burning issues, recent developments, and problems we face in our day-to-day life. Today in this session, we have chosen to write editorial letters on such a burning issue of the importance of afforestation. 

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Example 1

Question: Suppose you have recently participated in a tree plantation program from your school on the occasion of world environment day. Write a letter to the editor of a Daily newspaper explaining the program and its significance. 


Hints: Participated in a campaign- Global warming increasing- Deforestation is responsible- Sustainable environment- Afforestation campaign required- Need encouragement and attention.

Uttarpara high school
6.503 South Uttarpara
North 24 Parganas

June 05, 2021

The Editor
The statesman

Subject: Significance of afforestation campaign 


I’m a student of class 11 from Uttarpara high school and a regular follower of your news daily. I’ve recently participated in an ambitious afforestation campaign launched by our school. Through this letter to you, I’ll try to bring some light of concern on such campaigns and explain the significance of these.

All of us are very much aware of the fact that our world is being warmer with days due to extensive global warming. This global warming is significantly caused by the deforestation programs due to our developmental purposes. In this case, what we often forget is the norm of sustainable development. If the world doesn’t exist, we won’t be able to exist as well. So, keeping this in mind, our school has launched a tree plantation program on the occasion of world environment day. Under this campaign, we will be planting 1000 trees in the adjacent areas of our school and taking care of them regularly. 

Such programs are the need of the hour to counter the menace of global warming. So, these types of campaigns need encouragement from the government and attention from the masses. The very purpose of this campaign will be achieved if this letter manages to get a little space in your esteemed daily. 

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Yours sincerely,
Khushi Banerjee

Example 2

Question: Suppose recently you have attended a seminar on Global warming and environmental degradation. Write a letter to the editor expressing your concern about this issue and explain how afforestation can help to revive our environment.

Hints: Intention- Organised and attended by- Discussion- Concerns- Way forward

8/3 Ghola Road
Panihati, North 24 parganas

February 2nd, 2021

The Editor
The Frontline

Subject: Afforestation to counter global warming


I am a resident of Kolkata and a regular follower of your esteemed daily newspaper. I have recently attended a significant seminar on global warming and environmental degradation that took place in Kolkata. This letter to you is intended to express my concern about the danger of global warming and I want to explain how afforestation programs can counter this menace. 

The seminar I attended was organised by Jadavpur University and renowned scholars like Benjamin Peterson and many environmental activists took part in the program. All of them agreed upon the fact that global warming is taking our world to ultimate destruction. As a result, the number of various environmental disasters are increasing with time. Only extensive afforestation programs can help us to get back to our dear world. The lack of trees is leading to soil erosion, flood, drought etc Besides, excessive carbon dioxide is leading to create disturbance to our planet’s heat balance. 

Only afforestation programmes can undo our wrongdoings to our own planet. It is only the trees who can again make our world sustainable so that we can take a sigh of relief.

Yours sincerely,
Aritra Dutta Banik

Example 3

Question: Extensive deforestation is causing severe damage to the environment especially in urban areas. Write a letter to the editor of a popular newspaper explaining how afforestation can help urban areas to become environmentally sustainable.

Hints: Concern about deforestation- Urbanisation synonyms to development- Forest cover decreasing- Environmental issues increasing- Examples- Legal framework needed- Afforestation programs should be conducted- Afforestation and urbanisation can coexist

7/28, Kulinpara

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May 26, 2021

The Editor
The Hindu
7 Burrabazar road

Subject: Afforestation for sustainable urbanisation


I live in Kolkata writing this letter to you today in order to express my concern about the limitless deforestation programs that are getting conducted specifically in urban areas in the name of development.

Everywhere in the world, we can see that extensive urbanisation has become synonymous with development. But what we can also see is that the forest cover of the world is decreasing as urbanization is increasing day by day. As a result, various environmental disorders like the level of global warming, extensive water scarcity, drought etc. is increasing as well, specifically around the urban areas. In India, we have seen the example of Chennai that shows how the city has suffered from extensive water scarcity in recent years despite being situated beside the ocean itself. Our Kolkata is no exception in this case. 

That’s why our governments should immediately come out with a legal framework to deal with deforestation. Moreover, extensive afforestation programs need to be conducted. These programs should be an indivisible part of our urban planning as well. Many countries have proven that proper urban planning with afforestation programmes can help to make our urban areas sustainable.

Yours sincerely,
Anirudh Sharma

Example 4

Question: Suppose your government has recently taken an initiative to expand afforestation programs in an extensive manner. Write a letter to the editor of a popular newspaper giving your opinion on this move by the government.

Hints: Government to conduct afforestation programs- Launched a campaign- Much-needed move- Prevent deforestation causing developments- Concluding note

7/19 Bollaram Road
South Delhi

July 26, 2020

The Editor
The Times of India
7/1 Greater Noida
New Delhi

Subject: Government has launched afforestation campaign


Finally, our governments of both centre and the states seem to be concerned about the environment. Today I am writing this letter in order to express my view about the recent decision of our governments to conduct extensive afforestation programs. 

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According to environmental activists and scientists, this step was much needed during this current scenario we are going through. Global warming is increasing, climate change has become the norm due to extensive deforestation. So we must follow a well-planned model of afforestation to counter these menaces.

The central government has proposed to launch a campaign under which all the governments of both centre and the states will encourage its people to plant and preserve trees. Besides, monthly tree plantation programs will be conducted in several areas around the country. Some state governments have also decided to prevent those developmental activities which will cause extensive deforestation.

According to a government official, “the governments have finally realised that we have done enough injustice to nature and it’s the high time to restore the forests for our own sake.” 

Yours sincerely,
Animesh Banerjee

 That was all about our presentation about editorial letter writing on the importance of afforestation nowadays. In this session, 4 different aspects have been considered in the 4 mentioned examples above. Moreover, I have tried to incorporate a few different perspectives while writing those letters.

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