Write a Letter to the Editor about Excessive Use of Mobile Phones


In today’s article, I am going to show how to write a letter to the editor about the excessive use of mobile phones. The following examples will help you to compose letters whenever you come across a similar topic. So let’s get started right away!

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Example 1

Question: Using mobile phones excessively can have various harmful effects on our health. Write a letter to the editor expressing your concern within 120-150 words. 

Hints: Dependency on technology- Sleep deprivation – Poor eyesight- Children and teenagers prone to health risk 

19, Versova Road
Mumbai 500039

May 30, 2021


The Edito
The Telegraph

Subject: Harmful effects of mobile phones

Respected Sir

With this letter of mine, I want to put focus on the detrimental effects of using mobile phones on our health. 

With the advancement of technology, our lives have become more dependent on mobile phones. We cannot live without this device nowadays. Although the usage of mobile phones has innumerable benefits, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. Today’s generation is mostly sleep deprived because they are hooked to mobile screens. Sleep loss is a major side effect of using mobile phones and it can cause harmful disease in the long run. Along with this, increased screen time is also straining our eyes leading to poor eyesight. Teenagers are developing dry eyes and high power due to excessive use of mobile phones. According to some recent researches, children are more prone to cancer because of the unregulated use of mobile phones. It is time for us to take care of our health and control ourselves from using mobile phones.

I will be grateful if you allow me space in your esteemed daily and my concern helps raise awareness among the people. 

Yours sincerely
Lalita Dey

Example 2

Question: Accidents have increased due to the use of mobile phones. Write a letter to the editor about the excessive use of mobile phones and how it is causing many accidents. 

Hints: Increased number of accidents- The risk of using phones while driving- The responsibility of the citizens- Your views

19, Behala Road
Kolkata 7000049

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May 30, 2021

The Editor
The Hindu

Subject: Increased number of accidents due to excessive use of mobile phones

Respected Sir

Through the columns of your renowned daily, I would like to express my concern regarding the huge number of accidents taking place due to excessive use of mobile phones. 

Every day we are waking up to the news of another accident in the newspaper and the reason for the accidents stays the same. The usage of mobile phones on the road has led to the loss of many young and promising lives. Talking to the phone while driving or crossing the road is extremely dangerous. This is not only the responsibility of the traffic police to protect our lives, but also our duty to be careful on the road. Using the phone while driving should be completely banned. Also, we must all be more careful while walking on the road and keep in mind the safety of ourselves as well as others. A little bit of responsibility on our part can save many lives.

I sincerely my genuine concern for this grave issue will be highlighted and it will unnerve the conscience of the citizens. 

Yours sincerely
Basab Dutta

Example 3

Question: Excessive use of mobile phones has led to the loss of critical and creative thinking ability. Write a letter to the editor about your views on the excessive use of mobile phones in about 120-150 words. 

Hints: Dependency on phones- Children spending time on phones- Lack of individual thinking- Your thoughts

19, Sonar Road
Bangalore 300078

May 29, 2021

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The Editor
The Daily Mirror

Subject: Loss of thinking ability due to excessive use of mobile phones

Respected Madam

I wish to bring to the attention of the people thorough the space of your esteemed daily about the harmful effects of using mobile phones. Our dependency on this digital device has increased and we are slowly losing our thinking capability.

Creative thinking and individual perspectives have become prey to mobile phones. We are constantly looking for answers on the internet, searching up for the most trivial issues of our life. We have forgotten to use our brains. It is especially harmful to the children who are introduced to the world mobile phones from a very young age. They are glued to the mobile screens. They are unwilling to play in the field or talk to their friends. They only prefer to watch videos and play video games. They are missing out on the real pleasures of life. And the fault is inside us. Just like we have become slaves of our mobile phones, we are making them too. It is our utmost responsibility to let the creative juices of our brains flow and let them work independently. Also, we must teach our children that life is not restricted to the four-inch screens, there is more to that. 

I will be thankful to you if my concern is published and reached to many people so that we all take the necessary actions. 

Yours sincerely
Jatin Singh

Example 4

Question: Stress and anxiety are increasing because of the excessive use of mobile phones. Write a letter to the editor about the excessive use of mobile phones and its disadvantages such as stress ans=d anxiety. 

Hints: Looking for instant validation- Teenagers and college students suffering from depression- Image and reputation associate with mobile phones- How we can regulate its usage

30, College Road
Delhi 400089

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May 29, 2021

The Editor
The Times of India

Subject: Excessive use of mobile phones causing stress and anxiety

Respected Sir

I would like to bring the attention of all mobile users to the stress and anxiety issues that are a part of using excessive mobile phones. I will be highly obliged if you kindly allow me space in your distinguished daily.

The role of mobile phones in our lives can hardly be exaggerated. It is indeed an integral part of our lives. However, using it excessively is causing various problems for our health. Stress and anxiety are some of the most common side effects of mobile phones. We are always looking for validation through our mobile phones. We are busy building our online image and if there is no instant gratification, we are blaming ourselves. Using mobile phones has become associated with our image and status nowadays. Teenagers and college students are becoming depressed as they are not getting their desired attention online through their mobile phones. This unwanted stress and anxiety are causing diseases like thyroid, depression, self-doubt, etc. We must put an end to this excessive use of mobile phones and only use them when it’s necessary. Mobile phones should just be a part of our lives and not our whole life. 

I hope my letter will allow people to think about this issue deeply and we all will be able to overcome these effects eventually.

Yours sincerely
Rohan Kapoor

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