Write a Letter to the Customer Care Manager of the Courier

By | December 26, 2021

With the emergence of advanced communication technologies, the real-time importance of letter writing is decreasing with time. Still, in many cases, official letters are still relevant for many purposes. Among official letters, business letters derive the highest real-time importance nowadays. Today in this session, you will learn to write business letters to the customer care manager of the courier.

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Example 1

Question: You are Ravi. You were supposed to receive a courier from your brother around a week ago. But you have not received it yet. Write a letter to the customer service executive of the courier company complaining regarding this delay and look for a solution. 

Hints: Your brother couriered a package more than a week ago- Supposed to be delivered two days back- Not yet delivered- Showing ‘in transit’ status while tracking- Package contains necessary medical equipment- You attaching a copy of courier invoice- Required solution

Arun Kumar Street, Ghola
Kolkata: 700110


October 2, 2021

The Customer Service Executive

Ganesha Courier Service
47A, Nabin Barua Sarani
Kolkata: 700033

Subject: Delay in receiving a courier


I was supposed to receive a package from my brother around a week ago that was sent through your courier company. I am writing this letter to report a week delay in the delivery and seeking an immediate solution. 

Around a week ago, on the 25th of September, my brother couriered me a package through your company from Gauhati to Kolkata. According to the invoice, my brother shared, the package was to be delivered on or before the 30th of the previous month. But it’s already February 2nd, and I have not yet received my package. Moreover, when I am trying to track my courier, it is still showing under ‘in transit’ status. 

The package is containing some necessary medical equipment that I required on an urgent basis. So, I want to earnestly request you to look into this matter immediately and provide me with some immediate solution. I am attaching the courier invoice along with this letter. 

Ravi Verma

Example 2

Question: Suppose you recently received a courier from one of your relatives in damaged condition. Write a letter to the customer care manager of the courier company complaining about this issue and seek compensation for this loss. 

Hints: You received a courier package- Delivery executive called you- Delivered the package after ID verification at your doorstep- Main packing box was damaged- You clicked photos before opening further- Flower vase broken inside- Irresponsible attitude isn’t acceptable- Seeking compensation 

2/61 Ajay Nagar
North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

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June 23, 2021

The Customer Care Manager
India Shipping PVT. LTD.
37/A, Newtown
Kolkata 700059

Subject: Received damaged courier package; seeking compensation

Dear Mr Chatterjee,

Yesterday I have received a package from one of my relatives delivered by your courier service. I am writing this letter today complaining about an issue regarding that package I received. 

Yesterday morning I was called by one of your delivery executives and he asked me to receive the courier from my doorstep. I came and verified with my ID and then he handed my courier over. But after opening an outer layer of the package I saw the main packing box in damaged condition. I have even clicked a few photos before opening the box further. Inside the box, there was a flower vase but due to the outer damage, the flower vase was received as broken.

It was a valuable gift from my relative and such an irresponsible attitude of courier partners towards packages is quite not acceptable. So, I would like to request you to look into this matter and initiate proper compensation for this loss. I am attaching the invoice of the courier and the photos along with this letter. Let me know further formalities as soon as possible. 

Thank you,
Ashim Mondal

Example 3

Question: You are Promita. Recently you have been delivered a wrong courier package. Write a letter to the customer care executive complaining about this issue and seek some immediate solution. 

Hints: Your sister scheduled a courier- Delivery person called you yesterday- Package delivered after verification- A wrong item after opening the parcel- Tag inside refers to another person- You seeking solution- Attach the invoice- Conclusion

55 Rabindra Sarani, Bisarwada

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February 18, 2022

The Customer Service Executive 

Greendart Courier
Suren Agarwal Street, Taalpatti

Subject: Wrong courier package delivered

Dear Sir,

Yesterday I received a package from your courier company. This letter I am writing to you is intended to report an issue regarding that courier. 

A week ago my sister scheduled a courier from Pune, Maharashtra to my address through your shipping service. As I was informed by your company, the package was to be delivered to my address by yesterday. Yesterday morning I received a call from one of your delivery executives named Sanjay Barman. He came to my doorstep for the delivery and delivered the parcel after successful ID verification. But after opening the package I saw that it’s not the item that my sister actually sent. Even the tag pasted on the surface of the item refers to someone else’s name and address. So, it’s clearly a wrong parcel delivered to my address. 

Now please let me know how can I return this package and get mine. I’m also attaching a copy of the courier invoice with this letter. Kindly take some immediate steps to resolve this issue ASAP. 

Thanking you,
Promita Sanyal

Example 4

Question: You are Anirban. Suppose you are sending a parcel through a courier company but unfortunately have given a wrong address by mistake. Write a letter to the customer service manager reporting them about this issue and seeking some resolution. 

Hints: You booked a courier to Noida- 1.8 KGs parcel- Sending to the cousin- Wrong address given- Your cousin shifted residence- The courier needs to be rescheduled to new address- Urgent parcel- You seeking a solution- Conclusion

YT Block, Radhabazar
Kolkata: 700002

December 11, 2021

The Customer Service Manager
HPL Courier Service

65 Ballygunge Circular Road
Kolkata: 700076

Subject: Scheduled courier delivery to a wrong address


Yesterday I scheduled a courier delivery to Noida from your courier office. I am writing this letter to you to inform you about an unfortunate issue regarding my courier. 

I was a 1.8 kgs parcel which I booked the courier for. But unfortunately, the given address is wrong. Actually, I am sending this courier to my cousin and booked it to his old residential address in Noida. But recently he shifted to another address. I came to know about this address change just after booking the courier. 

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The parcel needs to reach my cousin as soon as possible. So, I think have understood my issue and considered resolving it. Kindly let me know what I should do further with this issue. I am attaching the courier invoice and the new address details along with this letter.

Thank you,
Anirban Banerjee

That’s all about this session on writing letters to the customer care manager of the courier company. Hopefully, you have found this session helpful to your requirement. I have previously conducted many such sessions on various kinds of English writing comprehension. Besides, I have also covered a dedicated guide for writing various types of letters properly. You can always check that out on our website for further help. Let me know your opinion and queries in the comment section below. I will try to attend them as soon as possible. 

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