Short Essay on Work is Worship [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF


The famous term ‘Work is Worship’ was first coined by the great leader and the father of the nation of India M. K. Gandhi. This is a very significant term important for all time. In this lesson today, you will learn how to write essays on ‘Work is Worship.’ 

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Short Essay On Work is Worship in 100 Words

 All of us are aware of the term ‘Work is Worship.’ It was first told by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation. It teaches us how work is important to us. Work keeps us healthy and happy. Any evil thoughts can’t hit our minds if we work every day. Moreover, work helps us to utilize our time properly.

We do not waste any moment while we work. Like our daily prayers, work is also worship to god. We feel satisfied from working hard. It also helps us to grow our country. Our society is helped by the working of its people. Hard work makes us intelligent real soon. 

Short Essay On Work is Worship in 200 Words

Mahatma Gandhi told the people of India that work is worship. It is very important for us to learn the meaning of this proverb. If we work every day, we stay happy and healthy. We pray to God daily. So if we work daily, we will feel joy and happiness. Doing any work is like worshipping God.

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God has given us many beautiful things on Earth. So if we work hard, we can make the Earth a better place to live in. The lives of all plants, animals, birds, and humans depend on our work. So every day we should work well and help everyone living o Earth.

Working daily has huge importance. Many hours should be given to work. We do several activities daily. Studying, cooking, exercising, playing with friends and pets, eating, drinking, bathing, washing is all different types of work we do every day. So we must love these activities and enjoy them. Besides these works, many people also do look after Nature. They plant trees, clean the garden and take care of animals. Many people help the poor and sick. The hospitals, schools, police stations regularly help lots of people. The soldiers fight to save the country from enemies. All these are examples of noble work. 

Short Essay On Work is Worship in 400 Words

We have lots of wishes and desires to fulfill. So we have to work for that. Work is the best form of prayer. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation told us that Work is Worship. Just like we worship God, similarly, we have to love our work. We do lots of work daily. So if we love those, then we can be successful easily. Work includes lots of actions. We must respect all our working friends.

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Every work needs our attention. If we are attentive then we can get good results. We all see our mothers work at home. It is a necessary action. Mother always helps us with all the things we need. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of her family members. She works a lot throughout the day. Hence she deserves the most respect.

All of us do several works in our home. We study, dance, sing, and paint. We clean our houses, take care of our pets, and look after the sick and old. We love these. On holidays many people look after the garden and plants as well. They plant new trees, sow seeds, water the plants, and clean the dirty bushes. The plants get all this care and grow up healthy and beautiful.

Many of our parents work hard in their offices. It is also very important because it helps society and the country. They are respected for their good job. Also, they earn money by working hard. We also see how hospitals, schools, police stations, fire stations help our society. The doctors and nurses take care of the sick. When we fall sick the doctor and nurse work together to help us. We study in schools. Our teachers help us in studying. The police officers work for the safety of the people. They maintain law and order in society.

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The soldiers play a very important role in working for the country. They stand at the borders to protect our country from enemies. They too maintain the peace and safety of our nation. The farmers, cobblers, washermen, sweepers, caretakers, help us with food and keep our society clean. They have a very important duty. We get good food because of them. We can wear clean clothes because they wash them for us. We can enjoy the clean, beautiful roads because they keep them clean regularly. So we must respect them. 

Thus working hard is worshipping God. If we practice working hard, we will not waste time. We will be more intelligent and help lots of people. Work makes us healthy and happy. So we must promise to work regularly.

In this session today, you have learned how you can write essays on the famous term ‘Work is Worship’ within limited words. I have tried to discuss the topic here in a very simple language for all kinds of students. Hopefully, now you have a holistic idea about the context. If you still have any doubts regarding the topic, kindly let me know through some quick comments below. If you want to read more such sessions, keep browsing our website. 

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