Short Essay on Books Are Our Best Companions [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF


Reading books regularly is a very good habit. It helps people to develop their knowledge and hence the overall personality. In this session, I will be discussing how you can write essays on the famous quote ‘Books are our best companions.’

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Short Essay on Books Are Our Best Companions in 100 Words

Books are the best companions to any reader. Like a true friend they never leave our side. Books are our best friends. When we read a book, we become very intelligent. We learn many new things through books. We love stories. And books give us many such takes to read.

Some books have fairy tales. Some of them have stories about the lives of important people. We read those books and are inspired to do well for all. Reading books is a great habit. It makes us good citizens. Books teach us lots of things in life. So if we want to grow up, we must read books.

Short Essay on Books Are Our Best Companions in 200 Words

We cannot think of our lives without a friend. We all have friends. In school, playground, neighbours we have companions. We feel happy with them. Similarly, books are our best friends. They are the best companions of life. When we read a book, we feel very happy and peaceful.


From a very young age, we start reading books. We get familiar with books when we learn our alphabets. That is the first time we get to know about books. These books have many colours and pictures. It makes a child happy. Then we learn rhymes and short tales. All these are taught to us through books.

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As we grow up, our brain develops. Soon we start reading storybooks. We all begin reading books with fairy tales. We read morals, stories, fables. All these stay with us forever. The books become our happy memories. They make our childhood beautiful.

Books are always helpful to us. It gives us knowledge. We cannot study without books. It is like our best friend. It stays with us forever. When we feel sad, we read books. It quickly makes us happy. We learn a lot from them. We receive many pieces of information. Even if we grow up, we must read books. It is the joy of our life. So books are the best companions.

Short Essay on Books Are Our Best Companions in 400 Words

God has given us several gifts on Earth. All these help us to stay happy. We have family, friends, plants, and pets. We also have another important thing in our lives. It is a book. Books are like best friends to us. They guide us in our lives. We feel very happy when we read books. We get knowledge. We learn a lot from reading books. Books help us to understand many things. We often forget things that we hear or see. But we always remember the stories we read. So books are very helpful to us.

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We first get books when we start going to school. When we are in nursery school, we get books to learn alphabets. Those books have alphabets and many pictures. There are also several books. Little children feel happy when they see the pictures. Then we also read rhymes. Our parents and teachers read rhymes to us. We forever remember these rhymes. This joy is only found in books. So from a little age, we have had books as our friends.

All of us feel happy when we get new books. The smell of new books is very beautiful. We love it. So we buy books to read. As we grow up we start reading storybooks. We read fables, fairy tales, and moral stories. All children’s books come in many colours. They are filled with pictures. It keeps the child happy. We learn a language well by reading books. People who read books are better than others.

Besides school texts, we enjoy reading stories. We often get storybooks as gifts. We save our money to buy our favourite books. We develop our choices. All book lovers have their favourite characters. They remember them forever. Books are our friends on vacation. When our exams end we enjoy reading books. We often visit libraries. Libraries contain many books. It is the best place to borrow books and read them. In the library, we get several books. We pick one and read that. All schools and colleges have huge libraries. It helps students to read more. 

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Books are the best way to know. When we read about important people, we are inspired by them. The story of their life makes us feel good. We try to be like them. We can never have a better friend than books. They never leave us. We learn a lot from books. But we never forget them. They are best companions. We must practice reading books. We should leave our mobiles and take up a book. Reading is a healthy practice. So all human beings must read daily.

So, I think that was everything that could be discussed while writing an essay on the topic of ‘Books are our best companions.’ In this lesson, I have tried to write the essay in a very simple approach for a better understanding of all kinds of students. If you still have any doubts regarding this session, kindly let me know through the comment section below. 

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