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Waste management is a matter of concern for our world in the current situation. Poor waste management eventually results in environmental pollution. Due to this extreme concern, many institutions use this context as an essay topic to evaluate their students’ overall comprehension skills. In this lesson, you will learn how to write an essay on waste management. So, let’s get started. 

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Short Essay on Waste Management in 100 Words

Waste management is one of the significant processes on Earth that leads to sustainable development and habitat. It happens through the reuse and recycling of waste products in our houses, factories, industries etc. At present, the world is facing a severe threat of pollution due to poor waste management.

It is the ultimate need of the hour that wastes must be reduced and reused properly. We on a daily basis produce tons of waste materials that are harmful both for us and the environment. Thus several measures are undertaken through which the wastes accumulated are hence segregated and utilised for better purposes.

Short Essay on Waste Management in 200 Words

Waste management is the call of duty for every 21st-century person on Earth. Wastes are the degradable remnants of our daily activities. It involves household chores, as well as factory dispositions. We are clearly aware of the volume of waste materials that are regularly generated and how carelessly they are disposed of.

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Such attention to fewer actions of discarding wastes results in hazards to social and public health including plants and animals. But today waste management is a matter of concern with the increasing population on Earth. The urban expansions, the industrial growth, and the changes in our lifestyle and consumption are also a reason behind this. Waste management takes place through innovations in science and technology and is transformed into a new object of reuse and renovations.

Wastes produced on a daily basis are of several types. It can be solid such as household, laboratory, and industries’ wastes; liquid wastes such as chemicals, sewage, and pipes; and also gaseous wastes like smoke from chimneys of industries, tobacco smells, burning petroleum goods, vehicle emissions, forest fire, and others. Generally, wastes are classified also as biodegradable such as the waste products that come from plants and animals, and non-biodegradable like metals and plastics waste products that cannot be decomposed. All these are rectified through waste management procedures.

Short Essay on Waste Management in 400 Words

Our lives consist of changes and the occurrence of some inevitable situations. Waste production is one such circumstance that cannot be avoided, yet is often considered as the most hazardous effect on the living world and the atmosphere. Waste is something that creates no value and only depreciates our well-being. The basic reason behind the production of waste is the growing civilisation.

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The ever-increasing population demands necessities and luxuries for daily use, which in turn generates a huge amount of waste materials. The household produces wastes, industries, factories, vehicles, and laboratories are chief sources of waste production. All these only ends up polluting the environment. The population along with developed lifestyle are again key reasons for waste generation on Earth. Thus urban areas produce a greater amount than rural places due to lesser modernisation of the surroundings and lifestyle.

Waste is unarguably a disaster to humankind and so it needs immediate attention and a proper management system. Ill disposal of wastes results in more than half of the pollution in a heavily populated country like India. In India, corporations and municipal bodies are responsible for maintaining this cleanliness and preserving public health. Generally, wastes are broadly categorised as solids, liquids, and gases. But for a greater facility, it is chiefly divided into biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.

Biodegradable wastes include kitchen wastes, sanitary wastes, green wastes, and wastes from shops. But the more harmful form, the non-biodegradable wastes contain plastics, papers, all packaging and containers, metals, glass, rubber that cannot be decomposed naturally. These wastes stay in nature and prolong the harm to not only terrestrial creatures but also aquatic beings.

Hence management of the filth is very important. The general disposal methods may often prove unsustainable and serious. Thus waste management is now the call of the day. It is not just a local phenomenon, but also the attention of the states countries and the globe. This management involves at the base the segregation of the wastes and likewise disposing of it.

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The principal method involved here is the method of ‘’ reuse, reduce, and recycle’’. Generally, the domestic wastes can be utilised as vermicompost and fertilizers for plants. But for the non-biodegradable wastes, the process involves a higher system. The waste dealers collect them and deposit them into factories that crush the wastes into pulps and recycles them into different, helpful materials. At present, the globe has engaged in not only recycling but also refusing to use materials that create a huge amount of wastes. Thus waste management is the solution of modern society and way to development.

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