Short Essay on Our Class Teacher [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF


The role of teachers cannot be underestimated. They build the future of the nation. A class teacher is a central figure in the classroom. During the course of the last few years, an estimation of the role and responsibilities of class teachers has come up in many examinations. Hence, we have come forward with this lesson. Here you will learn to write an essay on your class teacher in three different sets to meet with your requirements.

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Short Essay on Our Class Teacher in 100 words

Our class teacher Ms. Anamika Ghosh is a responsible individual. She is well-liked and well-respected by everybody. She is a noble and unbiased person. She inspires us in a variety of ways. Our English literature and language classes are taken by her.

She has assisted us in becoming better people. She assists us in recognising and appreciating differences. She assists us in gaining a closer relationship with Mother Earth and the natural world. Under her supervision, we have improved our speaking and writing abilities. She keeps a lot of patience with us. Her demeanour is courteous. She has always instilled in us a sense of humility.

Short Essay on Our Class Teacher in 200 Words

The importance of a teacher cannot be overstated. They help to shape the country’s future. In the classroom, the class instructor is a pivotal character. Our class teacher, Mr. Ajay Singh carries a great deal of responsibility and never complains.

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He sets the tone for the classroom and ensures that everything is kept in order. He motivates us in several ways. He has aided us in growing as individuals. He has instilled in us a sense of the importance of humanity. He aids us in appreciating and recognising differences. He is patient with us. His demeanour is respectful. He has instilled in us a feeling of humility.

In class, he maintains an elegant demeanour. He takes our English class. He loves to illustrate the stories in front of us to understand the characters and plot better. His writing is elegant and tidy. During discussions, he writes in large letters and breaks the content into subsections. His voice is crisp and audible.

He is upbeat and never loses his cool. He is never upset or angry. He solves all of our difficulties and clarifies all of our doubts. He recommends interesting storybooks to us to read in our leisure. We look up to him and respect him. He is our constant source of inspiration.

Short Essay on Our Class Teacher in 400 words

A class teacher is a central figure in any classroom. Many kinds of duties rest on her shoulders. She plays many different roles. She is a teacher, a guide, a friend, a counsellor to her pupils.

Our class teacher, Ms. Anamika Ghosh is a responsible person. She is kind and well respected by one and all. She is impartial and noble. We get inspired by her in many ways. She has helped us to become better people.

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She has imbibed within us the importance of humanity. She helps us in understanding differences. She helps us in getting close to mother earth and nature. We have also improved our speaking and writing skills under her guidance. She is very patient with us. She is polite in her manners. She has always taught us to be humble.

She presents herself gracefully in class. She takes our English class. She likes to dramatize the narratives before us to give us a clear understanding of the characters. Her handwriting is neat and beautiful. She writes in big fonts and divides the text into subsections during discussion. Her voice is loud and clear. She is cheerful and does not lose her temper. She never gets irritated or annoyed. She fixes all our problems and helps us in clearing our doubts. She recommends interesting storybooks to us to read in our leisure. 

We stay attentive in her class. She likes to play quizzes with us to test our knowledge. She encourages us to talk in English and helps us with translations. She is very creative. She likes to keep the green boards in our classroom decorated and updated. She reads out important pieces of news to us and gives us new words every day to improve our vocabulary. She shuffles our seats every week so that we make new friends.

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She is democratic. We get to select our representatives. The representative of the class is changed every month. We deliver a speech highlighting all the qualities that make us unique and worthy of the post. She helps us in figuring out these qualities. Our class always secure prizes in the morning assembly for the most well-mannered section. We are proud to have her as our mentor.

She tells us that there is always some room for improvement and helps us become better persons and students. She is the best teacher we have had and we wish to have her again as our class teacher next year.

Hopefully, after going through this lesson, you have a holistic idea about the role of a class teacher in framing pupils’ lives. I have tried to cover every aspect of a class teacher’s need and significance within and outside the classroom within limited words. If you still have any doubts regarding this session, kindly let me know through the comment section below. To read more such essays on many important topics, keep browsing our website. 

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