Short Essay on Horse [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF

By | March 28, 2022

In this lesson, you are going to learn to write short essays on Horse for your upcoming exams. I will be writing three different sets of short essays on the same topic covering different word limits.

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Short Essay on Horse in 100 Words

A horse symbolizes immense strength and potentiality among many wild animals available on the earth. They are robust herbivores with solid limbs to allow them to cover longer distances. A horse is found in different parts of the world. Parts of Asia, Africa, and even the European continents are filled with a number of horses. They are magnificent in their features.

Some stallions or male horses have a wonderful and dark-coloured mane that provides them with additional vigour and royalty. Horses are symbols of freedom and also a part of fairy tales. Children love to hear tales of winged, one-horned horses known as the unicorns. In fact, horses are always well equipped to fight in cavalry warfares. Hence the preservation of horses is quite important.


Short Essay on Horse in 200 Words

A horse is one of the most significant animals on earth which helps with human needs. It is a wonderful four-footed herbivorous animal, strong, beautiful, and vigorous in its attitude. Horses can be found almost in all parts of the earth. They can mainly be seen in parts of Asia, Africa, and some regions of Europe as well. It has a shiny muscular body with a thick tail.

Often the stallions possess a beautiful dark-coloured mane that provides them with an extra regality. A horse is a beneficial animal for sports, hunting, and also carrying loads. Even in hilly regions, horses are trained to carry tourists for sightseeing. Horses are obedient to their masters and hence can be easily domesticated.

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A horse has the unique feature of sleeping with eyes almost open. Its strong limbs and hooves give it the strength to run for longer distances and also attack its predator. Physically a horse is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. A horse is a wonderful vehicle for tourists to travel from one place to another, for sporting and racing, and also for carrying cartloads for good distances. Horses are well trained for battlefields as well. Hence on several counts, a horse is a precious animal and a necessity to be preserved. 

Short Essay on Horse in 400 Words

From an ancient time horses have been a great source of exercise, entertainment, work, and also fun for humanity. A horse is a great company to human beings and also a great aid to their necessities. Physically it is one of the most beautiful and strong animals on earth. A horse is characterized by its robust body. It has four long, thick limbs, a long bushy tail, and a beautiful pair of eyes.

The feet of the horse is quite strong enough to run faster for longer distances and also to attack its predators when needed. Often a stallion or a male horse is characterized by a beautiful piece of a mane that gives it an additional beauty. Even the mare is also equally strong and handsome in its features. This physical vitality of the horse makes it rather the first preference for conducting any hardy task. 

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A horse is essentially a herbivorous animal and feeds on vegetation available in forests. Horses are available in different parts of the world like parts of Asia, Africa, and also parts of Europe as well. It is available in different colours and sizes and has a life span ranging from over 20 years. Its body is quite flexible to allow it to work under several tasks. A horse, though wild, is quite easy to domesticate and thus is beneficial. Young horses called foals are exceptionally large in shape than many other mammals and can be also be utilized for minor purposes.

Horses are of extreme importance to mankind. For a long period of time, horses have been well trained to serve on the battlefields as cavalier forces. Also, horses are still used for sports like horse racing, polo, hockey, and also for hunting. Horseback ride is one the famous entertainment found in several parts of the world. But presently due to unbridled hunting and poaching of horses, their numbers have lessened to a huge extent.

Researches show how the horses have such scanty availability. Hence preservation and protection of horses have started to a great extent. Several awareness programs to stop hunting horses for their hooves and skin are being proposed. Throughout the world zoos, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and also reserve forests are being constructed so as to let the horses survive within their own natural territory. A horse is an essential part of the ecosystem. Thus it’s endangering the environment will create havoc on the balance of the ecosystem.

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