Report Writing on Solo Dance Competition Held in Your School or College [With PDF]


This article is all about report writing on solo dance competition held in your school or college.

Report Writing on Solo Dance Competition

Example 1

Solo Dance Competition At School

By Amit Sharma

January 1, 2019; Kerala: This year a solo dance competition was held by our school in the month of October. A single-member could participate from a single class and will be representing the entire class. The rules were simple. The dance need not be classical, semiclassical or of any particular type.


It could be a mix of different varieties of dance forms. It could even be hip-hop. The time allotted was 7 minutes. Costumes should not be vulgar but should be neat also costumes were not compulsory. The dance should be entertaining. Use of dangerous materials during the dance was prohibited.

Rules and regulations regarding the solo dance competition were posted in the common notice board. Any participant failing to follow the rules and regulations will be disqualified no matter how excellent his/her performance. The performer need not be a girl, it could even be a boy. The competition was held next Monday.

There were more than 50 participants. All the participants showcased their talents. The one that received the prize was a combination of hip hop and belly dance. There were a wide variety of performances. The competition was a huge success.

Example 2

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Solo Dance Competition At College

 By Rishikesh Singh

January 5, 2018; Karnataka: A solo dance competition was held by Maharaj’s college. Students participating were supposed to follow all the rules and regulations. According to the rules and regulations, costume was mandatory. If any foul play was found, the participant would be immediately disqualified and penalised.

There was a registration fee of rupees 500. Separate rooms were given to each participant for changing costumes etc. There were refreshment counters. The rest of the college students posed as the audience. The audience cheered for each and every performance, supporting them. There was a managing team appointed to take care of things.

The managing team took care in enlisting the names of students who had registered as participants. There were more than 150 participants. The competition was held for almost a week. Students exhibited their talents on stage. There were no foul plays.

The judging panel consisted of four members, known dance masters. The judges were from outside. The judges remarked on the active participation of all the contestants and praised their talents. They all congratulated the audience for patiently waiting till the end and for untiringly supporting the contestants. 

Example 3

Solo Dance Competition Organised for Helping People

By Ritesh Pandey

August 5, 2016: Kerala: A group of people came to our school asking for help. The management on understanding the case was genuine and asked us for a plan to help them in their need. Our school captain came up with the idea of conducting a solo dance inter-school competition. This idea got support from everyone. We organised the competition at our school.

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A registration fee of rupees 2000 was deducted from each participant. Food and accommodation was arranged in our school itself. We planned to use half of the registration fee for helping them and the other half for their food and accommodation.

Students from different schools came to take part in the competition. We also invited the group of people who needed the help. We also kept donation boxes and announced that we were helping a group of people and anyone who wishes to contribute may do so in the donation boxes.

We received a lot of contributions and one of the members of the judging panel helped us by contributing rupees 5000. The competition went smoothly and the winner was given a trophy and a certificate. All the participants were given participation certificates.

Example 4

Interstate Solo Dance Competition

By Priyanka James

March 9, 2019; Bombay: The competition was conducted by the local newspaper company. They had proclaimed that the winner will receive a prize of rupees 10,000. Rules and regulations regarding the competition were given in the newspaper. All those who wish to participate should bring the cutout containing the details of the competition to the nearest newspaper office.

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According to the rules and regulations participants should be between the age of 10 and 30. The competition was held at the common auditorium. There were a large number of participants that the competition was divided into 5 stages.

Each round had a different theme based on which the participants had to perform. The judges were all reputed dancers. The decision of the judges as final. Almost all participants showed equal potential, talent and determination to win the competition.

The competition was won by a boy named Royce Mark Adam. The boy was so talented that none could question the decision of the judges. The competition officially came to an end with the announcement of the winner who was invited to the stage to talk a few words and to receive the prize amount from the famous dancer Prabhu Deva.

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