Report Writing on Global Warming [With PDF]


Today in this article I’m going to show you a couple of example reports on Global Warming. So let’s jump into the article.

Report Writing on Global Warming

Example 1

Global Warming On its Peak, an Alarming Moment for the World

By Suprity Acharyya

New Delhi; September 9: an international convention for environmental safety awareness took place yesterday in the New Delhi National auditorium. Environmental scientists as well as environmental activists from numerous countries took part in the international convention. According to the chairperson of the organising committee, this convention was actually scheduled to take place in Dubai next year.


But due to some alarming observations of the scientists in the world’s atmospheric transformation the convention got preponed to this current year and India hosted the convention. During the discussion on the issue of unnatural climate change in the convention, the scientists have come to a unanimous conclusion that the temperature of the entire planet is gradually rising by 0.050-degree Celsius every year.

A press conference was called at the end of the convention. In that conference, the environmental scientists have indicated this atmospheric phenomenon as a sign of high scale global warming and approached the world leaders to take immediate necessary steps.

A press release has also been published to spread awareness about this dangerous phenomenon of climate change and an international organisation has also been proposed to be created in order to fight global warming.

Example 2

Amazon is Burning in Brazil, the Lungs of the Earth is in Danger

By Suprity Acharyya

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São Paulo; June 23rd: A large portion of the Amazon rainforest of Brazil is still burning to hell. The forest fire started spreading out on about 19th of this month. Many local residential Tribes of the forest have evacuated their houses and came out on the streets of the nearest city Manaus.

The local municipal corporation is still trying to provide shelter to all of the people affected by the wildfire. The Brazilian central authority has also been asked for immediate assistance in order to fight the situation and control the Fire. 40 fire extinguishing choppers were sent along with a central observatory team to Manaus.

Neighbouring countries of Brazil as well as multiple nations of Europe like Spain, France has also offered help to the Brazilian government. But the government has refused to take foreign help and aid by showing some official confidential reasons. The opposition party of Brazil is accusing the president Bolsonaro for neglecting such a serious issue.

The leader of opposition commented to the press that the president is letting Brazil to turn into a ruin. The Amazon rainforest is considered as the respiratory system for the entire globe. Its largest portion is situated in Brazil. Scientists have warned that any major change in the bio atmospheric structure of the Amazon rainforest will give a boost to the problem of global warming.

Moreover, the Amazon rainforest is the home for numerous tribes of South America as well as countless species of birds, animals and insects. Such destruction to their habitat can seriously affect the ecological balance of the planet.

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Example 3

Students have Come on the Streets Protesting Against Deforestation

By Suprity Acharyya

Uppsala; June 6th: A major protest march was launched yesterday in the occasion of World Environment Day against deforestation activities in Uppsala City. Basically, the municipal corporation of Uppsala, Sweden has granted a developmental proposal for the city that will lead to deforestation.

According to the environmental activists of Sweden, global warming is gradually increasing with time and any kind of deforestation activities will give a boost to the global problem. This is why a peaceful protest march was decided to be launched on the World Environment Day in collaboration of multiple non-governmental non-profit organisations of Europe.

As per the schedule, numerous people came out on the streets holding banners with a message of “Save Forests, Save World”. Most significantly many school students of Sweden also have taken part in the protest march. “We won’t let our trees die”, a 13-year school student responded to our representative.

Many renowned scientists and environmental activists also took part in the program. International icons like Daniel Marcus, Wilhelm Craig also worked with the common people of the city. The march was full of slogans as well as protest music. The municipal authority has promised to reconsider the grant for the sake of environmental safety.

Example 4

Arctic is Melting, the Ecosystem of the Globe is in Danger

By Suprity Acharyya

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Pune, January 27: Scientists have again warned the world about the gradual increase in the scale of global warming. Previously in numerous conventions, they have predicted unnatural climate change and an increase in average global temperature that is getting proved as true in recent times.

This time the environmental scientists have pointed towards the melt of the Arctic as a devastating result of climate change due to global warming. Moreover, many human activities like mining and poaching in the Arctic area are also resulting in the melt of the largest source of ice for the world.

In a recently published video by the World environment safety organisation, it is revealed how the big chunks of ice are melting regularly in the Arctic area. Scientists have told us that this melt in Arctic ice will result in a rise of average sea level.

This alarm can be considered as a warning for many major cities situated on the banks of the sea all around the world. Besides this, many Arctic lives are getting extinct due to the ice melting process. Biological scientists have let us know that this can lead to another issue of losing the ecological balance of the world.

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