Write a Dialogue between Father and Son about Son’s Future Career


Today we will see how to write a conversation between Father and Son about son’s future career.

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Sample Conversation 1

Father: Hey son!

Son: Hello papa!

Father: I wanted to talk to you about your college admissions as your 12th class is over now.


Son: Yes papa.

Father: So tell me what do you wanna pursue?

Son: I am interested in journalism papa.

Father: That is such a great field son. I am happy that you chose this.

Son: Thank you papa. I wish to get admission in the Delhi University.

Father: Sure that is a great college. We will wait for your result and then apply there for admission.

Son- Okay papa.

Sample Conversation 2

Father: Good morning son!

Son: Good morning Father!

Father: How are you doing today?

Son: I am absolutely fine and how are you?

Father: I am a little worried.

Son: But why?.

Father: As you completed your graduation now and you are not interested in doing any job. I am worried as to what are you going to pursue now.

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Son: Father,I have a start-up idea. But for that i will need your support.

Father: But son all the start-ups don’t success.

Son:I know that but this is something I want to do. Please.

Father: Okay. I have confidence in you. We will discuss about it more when I come back.

Son-Okay papa.

Sample Conversation 3

Father: Hello son!

Son: Hi Dad!

Father: How are you doing?

Son: I am good. How are you?

Father: I am also good. I heard that your jee entrance exam result is going to be out in a week.

Son: Yes dad.

Father: Are you worried about it?

Son: Yes, a little.

Father: Son, don’t worry. I am sure you must have excelled.

Son: Thank you papa.

Father: I hope you get a college of your wish and be successful in life.

Son: Thank you Dad.

Sample Conversation 4

 Father:Good Morning, son! How are you?

Son: Good morning, father. I am fine and you?

Father: I am also fine. I am glad that you have passed the examination with good score. Now you have to decide which way you will proceed.

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Son: Yes, father, I will act up to your advice.

Father: But I want to know your mind first. Our choice must be to your liking.

Son: I want to be a Computer Engineer, if you agree.

Father: Yes, it is an excellent profession. By being a skilled computer engineer, you can do many things for the nation. I hope you will work hard.

Son: You are right. I think nothing is impossible if I study regularly and sincerely.

Father: Excellent! I agree with you whole-heartedly. But I would advise you to study general science first before you join in an Engineering University.

Son: Yes, father, I will study the Science Course in a reputed college. 

Father: I fully  support your future plan.

Son: Thank you, father

Any Queries?

There you have it: A conversation between Father and Son about son’s future career. If you have any doubts feel free to ask me in the comment section. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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