Dialogue or Conversation Writing between Passenger and Clerk at the Railway Enquiry Counter


This below dialogues will help you understand how a dialogue discussion is being written when the conversion is between passenger and clerk at the railway enquiry counter.

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Sample Conversation 1

Railway-Enquiry:  Good Morning.

Passenger: Good Morning.

Railway-Enquiry: Yes! How can I help you, sir?


Passenger: I have lost my luggage.

Railway-Enquiry: Which train did you board? And When?

Passenger: This happened yesterday on the Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Mumbai.

Railway-Enquiry: What was your boarding time?

Passenger: 12’o clock

Railway-Enquiry: Can you please brief me about your brags and luggage?

Passenger: My American Tourister bag was red in colour and is marked with a big “R” letter. 

Railway-Enquiry: Please show me your ticket? 

Passenger: Sure sir, here it is.

Railway-Enquiry: You will need to submit your ID card for complaint registration..

Passenger: Sir, can I submit my license as ID proof?

Railway-Enquiry: Sure. We will contact you soon after the investigations. Please give us 24 hours.

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Passenger: Thank you, sir. I will wait for your call eagerly.

Sample Conversation 2

Shyam: Excuse me, sir.

Clerk at booking counter: Yes, please.

Shyam: I want to know the availability of berths.

Clerk at booking counter: Where to?

Shyam: To Delhi.

Clerk at booking counter: When?

Shyam: 15th or 16th of this month.

Clerk at booking counter: Do you need a berth in A/c or non-A/c?

 Shyam: In any class.

 Clerk at booking counter: Hmm…let me check. You have III A/c in Madhya Pradesh express.

 Shyam: When?

 Clerk at booking counter: On both days.

 Shyam: Ok I shall go on the 15th.

Clerk at the booking counter: Please fill out the form and submit it here.

Shyam: Here is the form.

Clerk at booking counter: Give me Rs. 2250/-

Shyam: Sir here is the money.

Clerk at the booking counter: Here are your tickets.

Shyam: Thank you, sir.

Sample Conversation 3

Passenger: Sir! Excuse me!

Clerk at enquiry centre: yes, please.

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Passenger: I lost my phone on the train. Can you please help me?

Clerk at enquiry centre: yes, of course, we will help you regarding this. First, you have to write an application to the station master regarding this issue.

Passenger: okay, can you help me.

Clerk at enquiry centre: okay no problem. I am sharing the format.

Passenger: okay, I completed this.

Clerk at enquiry centre: let me check.

Passenger: is there any mistake?

Clerk at enquiry centre: no, but you didn’t mention your personal details. So that we will reach to you with your lost item. Please mention it.

Passenger: okay.

Clerk at enquiry centre: now, please submit this application to the station master.

Passenger: thank you for your help.

Sample Conversation 4

Deepak: excuse me.

Booking clerk: yes, please.

Deepak: I want to book a ticket to Jaipur. Can you provide me with the form?

Booking clerk: yeah sure.

Deepak: okay. Can you tell me how many trains are available on this route?

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Bookings clerk: sir we have only a single train available on this route.

Deepak: okay, and how many seats are available in this.

Booking clerk: sir we have 18 seats left on this train.

Deepak: Can I also book a return ticket on the same day?

Booking clerk: Yes sir, for that you have to fill out another form.

Deepak: please provide me with that form.

Booking clerk: yes sure.

Deepak: I filled out both forms. Please accept this.

Booking clerk: sir I had booked your seat on this train.

Deepak: thank you.


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