Anchoring Script For Seminar [With PDF]


In this session, you will learn how you can write an anchoring script for any seminar. So, let’s get started. 

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Welcome Speech (For Educational Institutions)

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players.

Good morning/afternoon/ evening to our respected principal sir/ ma’am (his/her name), our teachers, and students present here. The quote that you all have heard just now is one of the most significant quotations by William Shakespeare from his play As you like it. In fact what can better describe human life in such lucid terms? Why we have gathered today is not unknown to us. We observe Shakespeare week, commemorating the 400 years of the death anniversary of the Bard of Avon.

Shakespeare is more intimate to us than anyone else, principally to the Bengalis whose thirst for plays and sonnets rises out of this man. Today is the 4th day of the week and we have arranged for a seminar to learn more about the unknown features of the writer. Many students submitted their papers for this seminar, out of which five have been selected for their presentation.


So I will call our students onto the stage for delivering their lectures. Each student will be given a time of 5 minutes and extra 2 minutes to answer the query of the audience. But before that let us invite our principal, respected (his/her name) to do our opening speech for today’s seminar. Sir/ma’am, the stage is all yours.

Welcome Speech (For Business Purposes)

Good morning/afternoon/evening to our honourable chief guest, the CEO of the company (his/her name), our participants, and judges present here. Welcome to the 2022 National and Global business summit, powered by (company’s name).

We have gathered today to conduct a seminar on the importance of corporate communication in India and the global scenario of the same. To call into action we have invited seven significant delegates from different industries who will inform us about this issue and address its necessity. To begin with, I will request our chief guest Mr/Mrs/Miss (his/her name) to deliver a special lecture about this annual gathering of several national and global companies and how this helps in the overall development of our business ethics.

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After the Principal’s Speech (For school/ Educational Institution)

Thank you so much sir/ ma’am for motivating our students like this. Well, let me inform you all, Sir/ ma’am is specialising in literature by Shakespeare and also in the theatricals applied by him in the context of Elizabethan England. In that regard what he/she said is of premium importance. And now I would like to call upon the stage the first participant of today’s seminar, (his/her name). The topic of the paper is Shakespeare, the father of all theatres. Let us see what he/ she has to say about his/ her presentation.

After the chief Guest’s Speech (For Business Purposes)

Thank you so much sir/ ma’am for such great insight. Indeed corporate communication is necessary as it is effective and enables the company to make its products and services unique and eligible for sale. It is a huge strategy applied by several companies for their organizational development. Now I would like to call upon the dias Mr (his name) to discuss in short how corporate communication is a significant activity that every business must complete.

After the First Participant’s Speech (For School/Educational Institution)

Thank you so much (student’s name) for this wonderful paper. Indeed this paper gives us insight into how Shakespeare has given the theatre a whole different perspective. When Shakespeare writes plays he speaks of mankind. He is contemporary and so is his works. 

And now I will call upon the stage (student’s name) who will discuss the sonnets of Shakespeare and how can those be compared with the love poems and sonnets written in the Bengali language. (his/her name), the stage is all yours.

After the First Participant’s speech (For the Business Purposes)

Mr. (his name) has justly pointed out how corporate communications team up and are responsible for the various activities including our employees and customers. Thank you so much, sir, it was indeed a great work of knowledge that you shared with us. 

Now we will move on with our next participant. Please welcome on the stage Mrs (her name) from (company’s name). She will throw light upon the topic of the use of media and the impact of media on public sectors.

After the Second Participant’s Speech (For Educational Institutions)

In fact, whatever comparisons he/she has made are wonderful. Not to lie, I too was unaware of the different similarities that the two different literary features can bring. I am amazed at how (student’s name) has applied such deep thoughts to create such a beautiful paper. Thank you so much. 

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Now I will invite (student’s name) and see what he/she has to tell us about the Bard of Avon. His/her paper is about the use of necromancy in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the other Elizabethan Plays.

After the Second Participant’s Speech (For Business Purposes)

Thank you ma’am for your wonderful insights, you can have your seat. The PPT that she has shown us points out how media enable companies or organizations to communicate with the general public through the use of a diverse media system.

Now I will request Miss (her name) to come upon the dias and present her paper on customer communications and marketing. Ma’am the stage is all yours

After the third Participant’s Speech (For Educational Institutions)

Thank you so much (student’s name), the paper and the PPT presentation were lovely. You can have your seat. Well, as he/she has shown us, witches are prominent in Macbeth, and we have all studied about them. However, the witches or necromancy was practised in England where King James had written a whole book about it. This paper gives us important insights on this topic. 

Now we are left with our last two participants. If anyone has any queries regarding the last three papers, I would ask them to raise their hands and state their question.

Now I will move on with our next student. Please welcome upon the stage (student’s name). His/her topic of discussion is Shakespeare and gender politics. Over to you, (student’s name)

After the Third Participant’s Speech (For Business Purposes)

Thank you so much, ma’am, your presentation is really amazing. As ma’am has said, it is not uncommon to communicate using various marketing materials and tools for a better understanding of customer feedback. 

Now I will call upon the stage Mr. (his name) who will share with us his opinions regarding the management of the crisis in communication and also give general information about internal communications. Sir, please come up on the stage and share your views. 

After the Fourth Participant’s Speech (For Educational Institutions)

Thank you so much (student’s name) for this great paper presentation. The way you have figured out the gender identities in Shakespeare’s plays and how the disguise can be a metaphor for such gendered studies has been well represented by your paper. That was really a deeper study of gender qualifications. Thank you so much, you can have your seat now. 

Now it’s time for the final participant of the seminar. Let’s welcome upon the stage (student’s name), who will deliver a paper on the relevance of the world of Shakespeare in the modern age. After this paper reading is over we will go through a quick question-answer session where all doubts of the audience will be cleared. So let’s welcome (student’s name) onto the stage.

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After the Fourth Participant’s Speech (For Business Purposes)

The speech was really powerful that clearly states the reasons behind the crisis in corporate communication. During such times when the reputation of an organization or any company is at stake, then the responsibility of the communication department enables us to address the crisis. 

Now we have arrived at the end of the seminar. I will call upon the dias Miss (her name) who will share with us the perspectives of careers that corporate communication is associated with. She is a newcomer in this field with much-developed knowledge about the system of corporate communications. So I will request her to take over the space.

After her paper, a general question-answer session will be started to ensure all your doubts and other prospects are well addressed. So we will move on with our program.

Final speech (For Educational Institutions)

Thank you so much for this lovely PPT presentation, (student’s name). It was wonderful how you have shown that even unconsciously we follow his route in several ways. So we have arrived at the end of the seminar. I hope all your doubts have been answered well and our students have done a great job. Tomorrow we are having an exhibition on the works of Shakespeare in our gallery, which includes drawings, write-ups, and posters. Hope you all have enjoyed today and will do so tomorrow. Stay safe. Good bye. Thank you all.

Final speech (For Business Purposes)

Thank you so much, ma’am. Your voice and knowledge of this field are immense. It really shows a way ahead towards the future. It will be a great honour to have you in our company as well. 

With this note, we come to the end of today’s seminar. More than any business talk it helped us learn a lot more and renew our thoughts. Hope today’s seminar becomes a greater experience for all new entrepreneurs. At this, let’s call it a day. Thank you, everyone. 

Note: This is a sample anchoring script written for seminars organised in both educational and business organisations. Feel free to edit this script according to your requirement. You may check out other anchoring scripts written in various other contexts available on our website. 

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