Anchoring Script for Annual Function [With PDF]


In this lesson, you will learn how you can write an anchoring script for an Annual Function. So, let’s get started.

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Welcome Speech

Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening to all our respected principal sir/ma’am, teachers, non-teaching staff, and our students present here. We have gathered today to celebrate the 35th annual function of our institution (its name), which is a bit more special this year. It is not just celebrating and honouring the merits who have always proved themselves on the world stage, not just viewing the splendid extra-curricular capabilities of our talented students. But very recently we have achieved the biggest glory of so many years, of our patience and dedication.

Our school has finally been annexed over a greater part of the city, with greater exposure to several cultural aspects of the town. Many complained that how even after providing world-class education we cannot avail a greater number of students in the compound. But now it has been eradicated. Today with this program we are cordially inviting many talents to be a part of our family. 

And now to inaugurate our program today, I would request our respected principal sir/ma’am, and our honourable vice president Mr/Mrs/Miss (his/her name) to come upon this stage and announce the beginning of today’s program. 

Anchor’s Speech

Thank you so much, sir/ma’am. But before you leave the stage I have a small request. In fact, it is a combined request from all our students- a song from you to begin today’s journey. I can ensure your lilt of voice will be memorable for many days now. 

After the Song


Thank you so much, sir/ma’am. You can have your seat now. I will now request our respected principal sir/ma’am (his/her name) to deliver the strifes she faced for the past couple of years regarding the annexation of our school territory. Over to you sir/ma’am.

Principal’s Speech

Thank you so much (anchor’s name) for conducting this ceremony so beautifully. So today I really do not have much to speak about the generic issues of our institution. You all are well aware of how gradually we have prospered up till here. Definitely, it was not an easy journey, to begin with. But definitely, our founding fathers were strong-headed to do something vital for the young generation. And so when this notice for the annexation of this school arrived at me from our secretariat, I felt my eyes moist.

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It was a terrific process of litigations, court issues, and local issues, with political hooligans to interrupt us. I realized how still many people do not want education to flourish and let everyone feed themselves. Maybe educated people will question their demands. Whatever it is attaining what the necessity was never easy. Yet we never set ourselves back and kept this steady determination to bring many more into our family.

We are a family, it is an ever-increasing circle of nurturing talents. As we have received permission to extend our campus over a greater area, we were overwhelmed. The works have already started. All I need is the support and blessings of all. Thank you so much. I will not waste much of your happiness. Let the program ensue now.

Recitation Performance

Let us now move on to the main program. To begin with, our dear student (his/her name) is going to present to us a wonderful recitation. A round of applause for him/her.

After the Performance

That was so lovely. I was particularly amazed at her diction and the intonation in which she was reciting the whole poem. Let me tell you all, (his/her name) has been religiously

practising the recitation under the mentorship of Bratati Bandyopadhyay. We can realize how beautifully she has mastered this art. Blessings to you, my child.

Solo Music Performance (Teacher’s Song)

Our music sir/ma’am (his/her name) is well-known for her noteworthy voice. We often entitle her as our Nightingale because he/she knows that magic spell to hypnotize us with the voice. This is not my request sir/ma’am, but the request of the crowd. A song from you. 

Music Teacher’s Speech

First of all, a very good morning/ afternoon/ evening to all of you who have gathered here today to make this program a success. I have been told to sing a song and it is always overrated that I am ever compared to the songbirds. Yet I will definitely try to live up to your expectations.

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After a Solo music Performance (Teacher’s Song)

Nowhere can you be ever overrated sir/ma’am, since you are a proven musician with national awards and many more records. What has always set you apart from any other singer is your humility. You are our greatest inspiration. Thank you so much, sir/ma’am.

Group Music Performance

Music is an art that can transcend every boundary of caste, race, language, country, and culture. With the tone of the day set, let us now move on to our next performance. Another musical presentation, it is now by our students’ music band. Let me inform you prior to this performance that this band contains young talents from different parts of their musical pursuits. They have been training themselves in vocals and instruments for a longer period of time now. I will call them up on the stage and let them spread their magic. 

After the Performance

That was lovely. It is so delightful to see our young talents now flower into such prosperity. I just pray that your talents always go beyond the boundaries of the school. You are never to be stopped and deterred anyhow. Love you all.

Dance Performance

Now I would like to call upon the stage our student (his/her name) to perform a wonderful dance performance and light up today’s stage. The stage is all yours (his /her name)

After the Performance

Wow, that was so lovely. I enjoyed it personally because the beats were so smoothly circulated in your body postures. Every move was so precise and clean. Loved it, and seriously enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much (his/her name)

Mime Performance

Nowadays we are well aware of the cinemas and theatres. But there was a time when great actors like Charlie Chaplin used no vocabulary to express their emotions, but simply acted through his bodily gestures. He created history. Presently almost no one dares to take the challenge of presenting mimes. Yet our student (his/her name) is an exception. Trained and well versed in theatrical techniques, he/she is now going to present us with a mime. Let us understand how the vocabulary of the face works.

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After the Performance

If I am not wrong then the topic is the journey of womanhood. The work of a woman is still so underrated and often economically uncounted. But what has been shown now is one of the greatest tributes to the plights of a woman. Thank you so much for this gift, (his/her name)

Prize Distribution

Like every year this year, too our students have made remarkable success in academics and also their extra-curricular activities. It is our pleasure to hand you these books, mementoes, medals, and bouquets. To begin with, this year our school has received the first prize at the national level parliamentary debate and mock parliamentary presentation. I would request our chief guest to come upon the stage and hand over this prize to our team. 

Now it is time for the academic prize distributions. I would like to call upon the stage our principal sir/ma’am to distribute the academic rank holders for secondary and higher secondary levels.

Now for the extra-curricular activities, I would request our Music sir/ma’am to hand over to our budding talents their deserved prizes. 

Skit/Play Performance

Our higher secondary students along with some of their teachers have prepared a skit/drama for the annual program. It is based upon the story of the indigo planters and the play Nildarpan. I will call their names as the dramatist list and leave the stage for the necessary preparations.

After the Performance/ Conclusion Speech

The drama performance was just spellbound. Just imagining how the reality would have actually been if the drama is so terrific. I just am at a loss for words. Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation.

Now the end has already arrived. It is hard to call this a day, while it is in fact the best to have it continued forever. But everything ends. So does this. But we promise another grand festival like this again. Same day. Same place. Till then stay happy, safe, and healthy. Good night everyone/has a good day.

Note: This is a sample anchoring script from where you can derive a basic idea of writing such scripts for any annual function. Feel free to edit this anchoring script as per your specific requirements.