10 Lines on Summer Season in English [3 Examples]


In this session, you will learn to write ‘10 Lines’ on the topic ‘Summer Season.’ There will be three sets for students from different standards, and the difficulty level will rise gradually with each set. 

Set 1

  1. Summer is an important season of the year.
  2. It comes in the month of April and stays till June.
  3. During summer the heat of the sun increases.
  4. The days are long and nights are short.
  5. During summer storms happen at night.
  6. Often rainfall happens in the summer season.
  7. In summer we get juicy fruits like mangoes, watermelons, and apples.
  8. We should drink lots of water in the summer.
  9. Many flowers like jasmine and tuberose grow in this season.
  10.  Bengali new year is celebrated during the summer season.

Set 2

  1. Among the four most important seasons in the world, summer is an important season in the cycle.
  2. In India, summer is the longest season that stays for a greater period of time.
  3. The summer season arrives at the end of the spring in the month of April and continues till June.
  4. The season shows longer days and shorter nights with a good increase in the temperature.
  5. In different places, the temperature goes beyond 40 degrees celsius.
  6. Often thunderstorms happen in the evenings with hot winds or Loo in the afternoon.
  7. During this time the plants grow new leaves and fruits and flowers.
  8. Juicy fruits like mangoes, watermelons, apples, and litchis are found in a great amount.
  9. Due to excessive heat often people fall sick and get dehydrated.
  10. Summer is a time that can be enjoyed with proper safety from its excessive heat waves.
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Set 3

  1. The earth due to its revolution experiences seasonal changes with summer as one of the principal seasons in the cycle.
  2. Summer is one of the most important seasons among the four principal seasons of the world.
  3. It is associated with long days and short nights.
  4. A gradual rise in the temperature is observed at the end of the spring.
  5. In India, it arrives in April while in Australia it comes during December.
  6. Australia celebrates Christmas during summer.
  7. The tropical monsoon climate of India contains a greater period of summer than any other season.
  8. Thunderstorms and loo are characteristics of this season.
  9. For European countries, it is a time of happiness after the bitter winter season.
  10. Summer is a moment of new fruits and flowers if celebrated with proper precautions of good hydration.

So hopefully, after going through this session, you have an idea about writing ‘10 Lines’ on the topic of the summer season. If you still have any doubts regarding the topic, keep them posted in the comment section below. I will try to resolve your query at the earliest. Keep browsing our website to read more about such English compositions. 

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