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Hello reader, today in this composition we will show you 10 easy remember lines on Duck.

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1. 10 Lines on Duck [Set 1]

  1. Ducks are beautiful birds and they are found everywhere.
  2. Ducks have wings, but they cannot fly in the sky.
  3. But they can use their wings to swim very fast, in water.
  4. Ducks are also known as waterfowls because they live in water.
  5. Many of the ducks are yellow in colour, but some are not.
  6. Ducks make a funny ‘quack quack’ sound, and female ducks make a louder quack than male ducks.
  7. They have a small mouth, and they use their mouth to hold fishes in it.
  8. Duck’s mouth is known as a beak or bill.
  9. Ducks prefer to live in small water bodies, and not on land or somewhere else.
  10. Duck’s baby is called a ‘Duckling’, and it learns to fly in 5 to 7 weeks.

2. 10 Lines on Duck [Set 2]

  1. Ducks are not animals; they are birds who don’t fly.
  2. Ducks can swim in water very well, in comparison to many other water animals.
  3. Ducks love to live in oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes, and other such water bodies.
  4. Duck’s mouth is long, broad, and flat so that they can hold their food properly in the mouth.
  5. Ducks are found all over the world, but not in cold places like Antarctica region.
  6. Ducks live in water for most of the time, and they don’t come outside the water body.
  7. Ducks can live from 2 years to 12, and it depends upon different types of ducks.
  8. Ducks lay eggs, and prefer to hatch their eggs in warm places.
  9. A duck’s egg is bigger than a chicken’s egg, and it is healthier.
  10. A duck’s child is called a duckling.
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3. 10 Lines on Duck [Set 3]

  1. Ducks are birds who are small in size than many other birds.
  2. Ducks, geese, and Swan are similar, but ducks are smaller than geese and swans.
  3. Duck’s mostly live in freshwater and a few in seawater and go to many places by swimming.
  4. Ducks have very good eyes, and they can see and identify different colours around them.
  5. But ducks use their short and broad wings as paddles for fast swimming.
  6. Ducks have a short neck, and some of them make a ‘Squeal’ sound.
  7. A male duck is called a drake, a female duck is called a hen, and the baby duck is called a duckling.
  8. Male ducks are more beautiful and colourful than female ducks.
  9. Ducks can eat both plants and water animals as their food.
  10. Ducks love to live in warm places, and not in cold regions – they are beautiful birds.

4. 10 Lines on Duck [Set 4]

  1. Ducks love to be in the water and the search for their food under the water.
  2. Some ducks also live in marshes, wetlands, and water bodies.
  3. Ducks have strong and short wings, that help them in easy and fast swimming in water.
  4. Ducks are friendly birds and are very important animals for men.
  5. Ducks eat plants, fish, and fish eggs.
  6. Ducks lay eggs, and their baby is called a ‘duckling’.
  7. Geese and swans are bigger than the ducks.
  8. Ducks travel to warm places during winters.
  9. Duck’s eggs need good sunlight, and then a healthy duckling is born.
  10. Small kids love Duck’s cartoons, such as the Goofy duck.
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5. 10 Lines on Duck [Set 5]

  1. Ducks are small birds that are found in water.
  2. Ducks can swim by using their pointed and strong wings.
  3. But they cannot use their wings to fly.
  4. Ducks have two legs which they use for swimming.
  5. Some ducks travel a lot through the water, they love to be in the water.
  6. Ducks don’t live in cold places; they can live well up to 15 years if they live in a warm place.
  7. Some ducks live for long, while some ducks live a short life – wild ducks can live for more than 20 years.
  8. Female ducks are brown, they give 5 to 12 eggs, and protect them.
  9. The baby ducklings are born in 28 days after the hen gives the eggs, and hens raise their ducklings in warm places.
  10. Donald Duck is a famous cartoon character, which is a very old cartoon, and it is loved by all.

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